Microsoft Revamps Mobile Broadband in Windows 10

Microsoft is releasing a new Redstone 5 build to Insiders in Skip Ahead today. The new build of Windows 10 changes the way Windows provides Mobile Broadband functionality for devices such as the Surface Pro LTE. The build, 17655, is introducing a new Mobile Broadband USB class driver based on the new NetAdapter framework in Windows. The new NetAdapter network stack is supposed to offer more reliable network connectivity in Windows, and the new Mobile Broadband USB class driver is a part of Microsoft’s efforts to improve network connectivity in the OS.

The new Mobile Broadband interface isn’t enabled by default in the new build, and users will have to manually enable the new driver from Device Manager to actually make use of it. It’s interesting to see Microsoft giving Mobile Broadband a makeover in Redstone 5, as the company’s Surface team is expected to launch a new Andromeda device later this year which will run on Windows 10 and probably support LTE.

Along with the new Redstone 5 build, Microsoft is launching a new Edge DevTools app that lets developers use EdgeHTML’s developer tools for any site they want, without needing to use Edge. It also offers remote connectivity that will enable developers to debug web pages on headless IoT devices or devices such as the HoloLens from their computer.


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