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windows 10 upgrade will appear as “recommended” update in 2016

windows 10 upgrade
Windows 10 Update
You can enable Windows Update to automatically download Windows 10 update upon its release in 2016.

Windows will soon label its Windows 10 update as “Optional”. It’ll be done in order to promote its new OS to a wider audience. Earlier, Windows 10 update program was only available to some selected Windows 7 and 8 users.

The “Optional” update will be relabelled as “Recommended” update during the start of 2016. This will enable the systems set with “Download and install recommended updates” settings to directly download the update.

However, it won’t be automatically installed and would require user consent for doing so. But the point is that you don’t require to manually download the update.

Back in October, Microsoft faced a lot of criticism when some users got the Windows 10 upgrade displayed as “recommended” in their Windows Update section and, to their dismay, the update installer started automatic installation.

The incident caused a lot of unhappiness among the Windows user community and forced Microsoft personnel to empathize with affected users. Microsoft now doesn’t want to repeat the mistake and hence, has labeled the update as “Optional”. The label will appear as such for the last two months of 2015.

According to Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the Windows and Device group, this will give enough time to those users who don’t want the upgrade and instead want to disable the automatic update option.

Media Creation Tool, a software by Microsoft which is used by users to create bootable DVDs and USB keys to install Windows 10, will be updated in the following months. Regardless of the system configuration, the new feature will allow users to install Windows 10 across multiple systems with the convenience of using a single USB stick.

Also, Microsoft will soon start its so-called “experiment” to bring non-genuine Windows users into the genuine Windows user community. For the cause, Microsoft will add easy access to the Windows Store which will provide a streamlined route to easily purchase Windows 10.

With all these follow-ups, the world’s largest software maker may want to improve its user experience as well as add some new users to the Windows family.


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