Windows 10 Software Deals for PC DIY Geeks with Exclusive Coupon We got a bunch of deals on Windows software for geeks who build their own computers.

I have built many Windows PCs in the past. It’s fun to buy all the different hardware components needed to build a high-performance workstation or gaming PC. It’s not necessarily cheaper than buying a PC off the shelve, because you end up buying better components, usually spending all your budget to the last drop.

After you spent all your budget on hardware, the good news is that the essential software to run your new Windows PC is cheap. A Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD key is available for $14 and with the exclusive coupon I4USK, you save another 10%, bringing the price down to $12.60 at the SCDKey software online shop.

Keep in mind that a Windows 10 OEM license is tied to a single hardware after activation. You can’t reuse the key again on another PC. There is also no support from Microsoft, but who needs that anyway.

If you want to do some productive work on your new machine, you need Microsoft Office. A license of a new Office release is expensive, but SCDKey has an Office Professional Plus 2016 license on sale for $35, with the coupon code I4USK, the price drops to $31.50.

SCDKey also offers the above two Microsoft licenses in a bundle deal for $43.49, after our discount code I4USK, the price is only $39.10.

The last Windows software deal is on the Visio Professional 2016 key, on sale for$24.76 with code I4USK.

For more deals, get our free online inventory tracking app The Tracker and stay tuned for Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals.



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