There’s never enough space to install Windows updates      

Microsoft has tried to make Windows 10 the right operating system for all devices, including for the low-spec machines that were specifically developed to be affordable.

Mostly aimed at students, these systems aren’t exactly capable of doing everything, as it’s the idea behind Windows 10, but they still serve their purpose easily. You can use them to browse the web, send emails, code, or watch videos with minimum effort.

And yet, not the same thing can be said about updating Windows. As mentioned in this reddit discussion, most of these devices come with just 32GB of storage, enough to run Windows and allow for the essential apps to be installed, but as some people find out the hard way, not enough to update Windows.

A video recorded in a shop selling 32GB storage Windows 10 laptops shows that most of these devices display low-storage notifications, revealing that updates are pending for install, but the process can’t be completed because there’s not enough free space.

Struggling with 32GB storage on Windows 10

In most of the cases, a clean reinstall is the easiest way to go because no extra space would be needed to download and unpack installation files.

Microsoft itself explains on the Windows 10 system requirements page that updating a 32GB storage device might not be possible due to the limited space.

“Small storage devices, like devices with 32GB hard drives or older devices with full hard drives, may need additional storage to complete the upgrade. You’ll see instructions during the upgrade telling you what to do. You may need to either remove unneeded files from your device, or insert a USB flash drive to complete the upgrade,” it says.

Microsoft also recommends storing files in the cloud to keep local storage free for updating Windows, though it goes without saying that making so many compromises isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

So does it make any sense to buy a 32GB storage device? Not really, so the next time you’re about to purchase a new PC, just make sure you also take into account how much space you need to update Windows.


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