An intriguing deal is apparently to be had if you want to purchase a new iPhone or Samsung smartphone and you head to Walmart to do the deed. The mega-retailer is said to be offering $100 off iPhones and $150 off two Samsung handsets, starting today and until the end of June.

The Apple handsets that qualify are the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the new iPhone SE. The Samsung phones in question are the Galaxy S6 and S7. That said, keep in mind that not every store will have the exact same models on offer, but you should find at least some of the aforementioned handsets in any of them.

The catch? Well, you’ll need to sign a service agreement with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint when you purchase the device. The $100 or $150 will then arrive to you in the form of bill credit. Oh, and you need to go to an actual physical Walmart store to take advantage of the offer, since it’s not available online.

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