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How to use Snapchat for Android and iPhone

How to use Snapchat for Android and iPhone

Snapchat is no more just an app with a couple of simple notorious uses. Over time, the name has evolved into a social media platform that serves both purposes – broadcast your life events, and watch content online from a wide array of sources at one place. Given its ever-increasing popularity and worldwide usage, people have been looking for tips on how to use Snapchat for Android and iPhone.

It has turned into one of the most popular messaging app that lets you have full control over the privacy of all the pictures and videos you send or post. After the recent updates, the app has become all the more useful with features like swap faces, send 3D stickers, voice memos and GIFs-like notes. You can also make voice and video calls as well.

Given the increase in its popularity in the recent years, Snapchat has become so famed so fast that over 800 million snaps are shared every day with more than 1000 million active userbase watching 7 billon videos per day.

Seeing the users’ positive attitude towards the platform, even the big brands like BuzzFeed, National Geographic, People Magazine, and ESPN have made their way to Snapchat. It lets them tease fans with an inside look of what’s going on behind the curtains.

If you are still not well-versed with the basics and tricks of the popular social media platform, then here is the full Quidde on how to use Snapchat for Android and iPhone platform:

  1. Getting Started with Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Step 1 – Install Snapchat app
    First thing you need to have is the app itself. Visit App Store or Google Play and download Snapchat app. Wait until the installation process is over.

    Step 2 – Sign up for a new account
    You can’t use your current Facebook/Twitter/Google/or any other social network account to log in to Snapchat service. You need new login details which require you to sign up. Tap on Sign Up, a notification will pop up asking for your email address, password, and birthday. Once entered the details, tap again on Sign Up.

    Step 3 – Select a username
    You will have the choice to assign your account a unique identifier that can’t be changed once you have set it. This name will help your friends to search you on the service. The username will also appear below your real name in your friend’s Snapchat contact list.

    Step 4 – Friend up
    Having followed all the steps mentioned below to get started with Snapchat for Android and iPhone, now you will be asked if it can browse contact from your phone’s contact list. If you don’t have any strong urge to add the friends manually one by one, let Snapchat do this for you. Permitting Snapchat will start adding friends.
    For iPhone users, an additional notification will be displayed to enter in their mobile numbers for an easier search. Android users need not worry as you can add this same info later…so long as the text verification goes smoothly on Android part.
    Once Snapchat displays the list of your contacts it has identified on the service, you can simply add them as friends with just a click on the large person-with-a-button to the right of the contact’s names.
    If you wish to remove or block any of the added contacts in future, you would just need to long press on the selected person’s name until the secondary menu pops up on your screen and shows the options.

  2. Sending snaps or videos in Snapchat on Android or iPhone

    Step 1 – Tap to shoot, hold if want to record a video
    When you visit Snapchat’s screen, it becomes too easy to snap a picture for users who have ever used their phone’s camera before. Even if not, here’s a small guide – Just tap on the area of the picture you want your phone to focus on, tap the big round circle-like figure to click the picture. Hold the same circle to take a video.

    Step 2 – Saving your own shots
    You can save shots taken by you in Snapchat for Android and iPhone easily. You can also put the shots you just clicked into your phone’s usual gallery by clicking on the icon to the right of the timer. It will appear as a downward-facing arrow.
    The option comes handy when you want to save your shot for future purposes, as there’s no other way to save them later once you send the pictures out without saving.

    Step 3 – Setting picture time limit
    To set a particular time limit that you want your picture to be available for a friend to view, you need to tap on the stopwatch-like icon in the bottom-left of the screen. You can select from the blink-and-you-will-miss-it 1 second timer to a maximum duration of 10 seconds.

    Step 4 – Caption
    Want to add text on top of your picture or video? Just tap in the middle of the picture. A simple tap on “T” icon would change the caption from a line to text to more space for text. Once you have written the caption for your snaps, you can move, zoom, or even pinch the text to exactly where you want it to appear on the picture or video.
    One thing to note is, before you pinch and zoom your caption, you need to set the text to the larger font, with a tap on the “T” icon. Feeling nostalgia for the Draw something feature? Fret not; just tap on the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and you can draw right onto your image with different colors of a virtual pen.

    Step 5 – Sending snaps from Snapchat for Android and iPhone
    To send your snaps from Snapchat for Android and iPhone, tap on the arrow-like icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Your friends list will pop up; from here you can select everyone you wish to receive your picture. When you are done with who can see your image, click on the now- displayed arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You’re done!

  3. Discovering videos in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Videos

    If you want to go through the stories stream, just tap on the icon in the bottom-right corner. Snapchat has a row of icons at the top of the screen that lead to streams of photos and videos from big brands like Refinery29, Comedy Central, and ESPN.
    Simply swipe left to jump to the next snap, press and hold to send a snap to your friend, and pull down if you want to leave the stream. A tap on the Globe icon in the upper right corner of the Stories screen will let you check for more brands, including CNN, Vice, and Food Network.

  4. Viewing messages in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Messages

    You received a Snapchat and now you want to see it or you just want to check out the log of Snapchat pictures and videos you’ve shared with your friends, tap on the little cube icon on the lower-left of the Snapchat’s main screen. The number of any to-be-viewed messages will automatically appear over the cube.
    When you are on the message screen, you will see any new photos or videos that your friends shared with you listed with a filled-in square or arrow icon. It will show atap to view message below the list. Don’t tap unless you are not sure that you want to continue view the snap or video, as that starts the countdown timer for how long you can view the content.
    As soon as the timer runs out, the message will transform into a double tap to replyprompt. Follow this option if you wish to continue your Snapchat conversation. While watching a story, you can anytime tap to skip further or swipe left to move to the next user you follow. To exit, just pull down the icon.

  5. Sending text message in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Messages

    When you want to text your friend without photos or videos included in it, tap on thevoice bubble icon in the upper left corner of the Snapchat message log screen. Look for a friend you have already sent a photo, type your text, and just click Send.
    The messages will be automatically deleted once the receiver has viewed them. Snapchat will even let the other person know if one of you takes the screenshot of the chat screen.

  6. Sending video note in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat lets you record short, looping GIFs-like videos by just holding down on the camera icon for 10 seconds. Snapchat will record video from your usual favorite camera, and the video will be automatically sent to your friend as you release your finger from the icon on the screen.
    If you don’t like a video and want to trash it, drag your finger to the “X” icon in the middle of the screen. Your friend can tap on the video to listen to clip’s audio.

  7. Sending audio note in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Audio Note

    You can also record short audio messages and send to a friend. Hold down on the phone handset icon and speak. You can send the sound byte to your friend by just taking off your finger from the screen. If you feel the message you recorded is not appropriate, follow the same pattern to the “X” icon in the middle of the screen.

  8. Making video call in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Video Call

    Snapchat for Android and iPhone offers the feature where you can make video calls to your friends. You need to tap on the Camera icon in the message screen. Snapchat will try to set up a video conference call between you and your friend.
    Major part of the screen will be occupied by your friends (vice-versa); you will be able to see your own image in a bubble at the bottom of your phone’s screen. You can also switch to an audio call by tapping the phone icon.

  9. Making audio call in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Audio Call

    You can also make an audio-only call to your friends in Snapchat for Android and iPhone you have bee only exchanging messages with, you need to tap the phoneicon above the keyboard. If the Snapchat notifications option is turned on your friend’s phone, they will receive alert of your call. It lets you make call to someone, meanwhile not leaving the app. You don’t even need to share your number with someone to call them up. You can switch to video call or add a video to the call by a tap on the camera icon.

  10. Sending stickers in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Stickers

    Just tap the smiley icon above the keyboard to access a list of amazing stickers of doughnuts, a cat with a rose, gold stars, and much more. Simply select any sticker you like to send it to your friend.

  11. How to add a profile photo in Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    If you want to change or update your profile photo, you can do so by a tap on theGhost icon at the top of the main Snapchat screen. Tap on the Snapchat icon in the upper-middle part of the screen. Afterwards, press the shutter button at the bottom of the screen. Now Snapchat will snap a series of photos of you via the front camera on your device. Tap the action button at the upper-right corner of the screen to share this online to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. If you don’t like the photo, tap the retry button in the upper-left corner to go for better.

  12. Adding filters to Snapchat for Android and iPhone

    Snapchat Filters

    Once you are done with your snap, swipe left/right to add a visual filter. It will automatically adjust the photo quality, by changing it to sepia, saturated, or the one with some text overlay showing the temperature in your area, speed you’re moving at, or the location you’re snapping from.
    You can add two filters at a time by holding your fingers down on the bottom of the screen once you decided the first filter you want to use, then swipe again with your free hand.
    The On Demand Geofilters feature lets you create your own location-centric filter and place it on top of your snaps. Your design should abide by Snapchat’s guidelines. Once everything is right, you can upload it through the web portal and mention what location is the snap meant for. Once approved, you can tease your Snapchat-approved artwork to your friends. People who visit your location can also use the filter.

  13. Adding emojis to your snaps

    If you wish to add emojis to your snaps or messages in Snapchat for Android and iPhone, click on the sticker icon at the top of your photo or video while editing, to bring the emoji sticker sheet up. Feel free to add as many emojis as you want to, you can also pinch and zoom the emojis to your heart’s content.
    The Android version of Snapchat also offers the capability to lower the quality of video the app shoots. You can also adjust the Snapchat’s default camera orientation in Snapchat on Android. Both of these options are hidden inside the Video Settingssection.


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