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Mac is popular because of being a superior platform for development. The platform supports some of the most powerful development applications. Not known much among users for providing customizable features, there’s still a lot hidden under the hood of a Mac that Apple hasn’t spoken about yet.

If you want to unlock hidden features of the Mac OS X, all you need to do is dig into theSystem Preferences section of your Mac.

I have been using my MacBook Air for almost three years now and I must admit there were too many commands and features I wasn’t aware of. Though some of the features are very good, Apple still believes they would have a negative impact on user experience. And for this reason, Apple hasn’t officially revealed them to its users.

Here are some commands that will help you explore your Mac to find some of the hidden features:

1. Add spacers to the Dock

Enter defaults write persistent-apps -array-add ‘{“tile-type”=”spacer-tile”;}’; killall Dock to add a blank title to the Dock. Now, organize Dock icon in the group by dragging out of the Dock to delete it

2. Differentiate hidden apps

Enter defaults write showhidden -bool YES; killall Dock. Some icons of apps, that you have hidden will be semi-transparent along with the killall Dock.

3. Create a ‘recent’ stack

Enter defaults write persistent-others -array-add ‘{“tile-data” ={“list-type”=1;}; “tile-type”=”recents-tile “;}’; killall Dock to add a stack that contains recently used apps to the Dock.

4. Customize the stack

To display recent apps, documents, servers, favorite volumes or favorite items, hold Ctrl button and click your stack. To display more, go to step 3 and enter the mentioned command.

5. Move your screenshots

Screenshots, by default, are on your desktop. if you want to change this you just need to write defaults write location path; killall SystemUIServer. Now replace ‘path’ with your preferred location like /Pictures.

Note: Be careful when typing a command because one missed character may result in an error message.

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