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How to turn your slow old Mac or PC into faster Chromebook


If you are sweating bullets over the lackluster performance of your old PC and want to go for a new device then, here’s something incredible for you: you can now convert your old, dull Mac or PC into a Chromebook.

New York-based startup Neverware, specializing in refurbishing computers, has released a new version of the Chrome OS that can turn your old computer into a Chromium laptop.

You can’t actually call them “Chromebooks”, given that the term is a reserved tradename for laptops manufactured by Google. Thence a Google official suggested we rather call them Chromium laptops. Given any name, the Chromium laptop can anytime work in line with a Chromebook, with all of Google’s proprietary apps and services up on it.

Neverware has gained good grip with this concept, especially among budget-strapped schools that have a number of old abandoned computers. While the schools have to pay $59 license fee per device, the application is free to download for individual use.

This Chromium OS can reportedly provide drastic performance improvement when used on a PC or Mac that can hardly spring up to life.

Neverware allows users to dual-boot into Chromium OS along with their previous Windows or Mac OS. To install the Chromebook recovery utility, all you need is 8GB flash drive and the Chrome Web Store. This open-source version of Chrome OS is really easy to install on any computer.

Once you are done with the installation process, you will see an interface amazingly similar to Chrome OS. Now you will have access to the web pages as in Chrome Web Store, along with Chrome OS services like fast boot time and automated updates. All latest updates will be knobbed automatically in the background. Moreover, if you want to keep the data that is available on your old computer, you can go for a dual boot system. All detailed install instructions are available on Neverware’s official site.

Why wait? If your computer is in its last stage, then installing the new app is perhaps one of the best ways to give it a new lease of life.

For the list of compatible PC models, click here.


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