From some very good software out there for Mac, we have selected the top video editing software that will give you the real essence of a movie editor, and a realization of how much fun it is to make a video yourself.

Mac has always been associated with people with creativity, both in the field of image and video editing. And it’s time that you break out of your shell and make videos. This post will give you more than five options, in which you will find free as well as paid video editing software.

Right now, we are listing the best free software for video editing and will update this post with few good paid ones. Let’s not waste the time and start with the first software.
iMovie – The first software in our list is iMovie which comes preloaded with your Mac. If you don’t have it installed on your Mac you can do it easily from the App Store. This video editor from Apple is free and has all kind of basic capabilities. You would not be able to make a Hollywood blockbuster movie out of it, but certainly you can make smaller projects. So, if you want a video editing software for personal use and easy editing features, this is the software for you.
Blender – The second software in our list is Blender – which is not too user friendly and will require your time at first. It is much more associated with 3D modelling and composing. You will be surprised by how many movies have been made in Blender and I will make a post with some of them in my future articles, and the best thing is it’s free and open source.
Kdenlive – Our third in the list of video editing software is Kdenlive. It better known for its Linux compatibility and with MacPorts it is available for using on a Mac. It also free and has an powerful multi-track video editor. The community they have is pretty strong and you can establish relationship with people over there.
Jahshaka – Previously known as CineFX, Jahshaka is our next top video editing software. Its a cross platform software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. People have compared the working of Jahshaka with Adobe After Effect.
Avidemux – Avidemux is another super tool which also runs on Linux, it’s basic and can perform simple editing tasks. The interface is a bit rough and needs an update and still for a free software it’s good.
Lightworks – Lightworks is another cool tool that is open source and has a wonderful interface. It was compatible with only Windows in start, but now it’s available to Mac OS X as well. Lightworks have some great tutorials on their website and you can learn a lot about video editing from there.
VideoLan Movie Creator – Yes VLC is our last but not the least video editing software. Although it’s not under development now, but it can do the job of simple video editing.

That’s it guys, I will list few more of these video editing software in this post at a later stage, but for now enjoy these free video editing software for Mac.


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