free iOS games

free iOS games

  1. Clash Royale

    Clash Royale

    Developed by Supercell, which is popular for some of the biggest grossing games (in in-app purchase terms as well) on the App Store, you would surely want to try its latest among the best iOS games – Clash Royale. In spite of the whole lot of in-app purchases inside the game, looking past it you will find that it is among the most infuriatingly compulsive multiplayer game around the web.
    The basic gameplay is to battle against other players on small-screen arenas. Each player owns a King tower two smaller flanking buildings. Units will be ordered in the battlefield by selecting cards from your deck. Each comes at a cost of some elixir, which can be refilled. Game is all about beating your opponent best by knowing their trick and unveiling surprises of your own.
    You can anytime move further to get some extra bite of the next levels by paying a small part of fortune. And if you are contended playing the lower leagues, you can continue to play and build a better deck over time with no extra cost.
    The timer system to unlock chests won in combats seems interesting, as without it, you’d likely end up playing Clash Royale around the clock.

  1. Hill Climb Racing

    Hill Climb Racing

    Looking for a simple yet engaging time filter game that you can pick up or put down within a moment’s notice? Hill Climbing Racing comes as the amazing free time filter and ranks among the best iOS games. Gameplay comprises of driving a 4×4 up hills, going across bridges, down and up hills and then again down more hills. You get fuel and coins on the way.
    Drive too slowly and your fuel will last, drive too fast and your vehicle will crash! You need to make the grip over the accelerator and brake carefully. Once you master the control, you get rewards and can drive on. The steep hills that earlier seemed impossible to cross will become entertaining.
    You can also use coins to upgrade your default vehicle to unlock new ones. Though most of the premium add-ons come at the cost of in-app purchases; Hill Climbing Racing is still perfectly fine to play without spending even a penny at all.

  1. Pac-Man 256

    Pac-Man 256

    You must have found the original Pac-Man a bit-broken. If you somehow reach the level 256, you would likely face a massive glitch. The glitch makes the right side of the screen all messed up, with no way further. The mess is no more there to bother you, with Pac-Man 256; you get to explore the levels beyond the glitch.
    The game turns out to be an endless hell for the yellow dot-muncher. Pac-Man needs to go through the unending maze full of surprises, eating pills, until the cropper comes. You can’t linger for long as the all-consuming glitch is ever ready. Pac-Man has some powers to fight against the obstacles.
    Power pellets as seen in the original game are present in the new version and comes handy. Eat one and the ghosts would turn blue, allowing you to kill them to earn some extra points. More you play the game, the more power-ups and assets you get to go on.
    If you were waiting long for the rotund hero to spew laser death from his maw, Pac-Man 256 would make you a happy camper this time.

  1. Sage Solitaire

    Sage Solitaire

    Sage Solitaire is one of the best iOS games that comes with a minimal affair. It is designed for your iPhone portrait orientation. Developed by Zach Gage, the game looks like a three-by-three grid, much like a poker with a virtual trip to Vegas!
    The basic version of Sage Solitaire lets you score by removing poker hands. The better the hand, the more points you get in. Strategy is to use cards from multiple rows from each hand. When the piles at the top of the screen become taller than the ones at the bottom, the latter cards can be best used sparingly.
    In addition to it, a randomly distributed suit is a set as a multiplier, rewarding double points if one or more cards are used in a hand. Once you clear the entire board three times, you will unlock the Vegas mode. It creates a virtual bank account, awards cash prizes on victory (only when using the multiplier hand), and hikes your average payout multiplier on clearing stacks from top two rows.
    The game works on strategies and tricks to succeed to next levels. After the initial lockdown, you got to burn through your limited funds to carry on the game. After the Vegas Mode and hitting $800, you get to try your hands at True Grit. Here your money is gone…for good.
    Sage Solitaire is one of the best iOS games.

  1. Traffic Rider

    Traffic Rider

    Imagine being an idiot who drives crazily on a motorbike tearing along the motorway, circling between the cars, and trying not to get mangled into the tarmac by an inch’s gap? You can be that idiot with Traffic Rider.
    The game s actually a lot of fun as you drive your two-wheeled pride and get mad on the road. In the beginning, the vehicle seems underpowered and not much responsive motorcycle that makes it terrible to make your way through the traffic. But the beautifully designed roads that go flat and straight all of a sudden will keep your interest, as you will be focusing on the level’s challenge.
    Challenges can be to cover a given distance in the specified limit of time or to set aside given number of vehicles. When slow, the game seems tough, yet as soon as you get speed, it becomes dangerous and crazy.
    You can make the in-app purchases within the game to upgrade your bike to more powerful one. You can also wait and perform better to unlock the more powerful bikes in case you don’t wish to shed any money. In terms of weather, location, scenery, and traffic flow, the roads seems different and interesting in every level. Making it to the checkpoint is the ultimate goal of the Traffic Rider between the string of cars and trucks with the time running out every second.

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