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How to temporarily remove iOS 9’s default apps

How to temporarily remove iOS 9’s default apps
How to temporarily remove iOS 9’s default apps

Unwanted default apps on Android are a big hurdle faced by many users these days, and now Apple has also called out for the same. With every major version of iOS 9, there’s an array of apps you can’t remove, even if you don’t want them on your device anymore. But now users will be able to remove the glitch, which was in iOS 9, through 9.2. Though the default apps will be removed temporarily, it will give you a please to enjoy the functionality of iOS 9, at least for some time.

Read on to follow the steps regarding how to remove unwanted apps from iOS 9:

  • Create a Disappear folder to move unwanted apps
  • Drag and hold them to the right side (as far as you can)
  • Keep your finger on the app and tap the Home button
  • Your apps will disappear

Using the aforementioned steps you can easily hide apps on your iPhone, iPad, iOS 9 and iOS 9.2. Apps removed this way will return only once an iOS device is rebooted, but you can put your device to sleep mode to make them invisible while booting.

In 2014, a law was passed to ensure all mobiles sold after July 1, 2015 have a Kill Switch functionality to help users remotely disable and erase the contents of their device. Although Apple is still working on an official and permanent method of dealing with unwanted default apps, we have given you a temporary solution to keep unwanted apps at bay.

Make all apps on your iOS 9 optional. If you want them, keep them, otherwise disable them.


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