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Skype offers individual and group chats to stay in touch with your friends and family. You can also have a chat with your co-worker about an important office issue while enjoying a vacation. At times, the continuous notifications on the screen and the beeps of alerts for new messages can frustrate you, especially when you are doing some other task and the notifications aren’t relevant.

So, if you are looking for an easy way to switch off Skype notifications, you might end up disabling alerts for all messages, including the important ones too, given your Skype for Work. Also, you might stay behind and can’t catch up to the point of conversation, you were before you left.

So what to do now? Don’t panic as you can switch off alerts on a group-by-group or individual basis with some tricky steps. You will still be notified about important conversations wherever your name is mentioned.

How to disable notifications for a Skype Chat

Switch alerts

  • Open chat window you wish to switch off alerts for (whether a group chat or an individual chat)
  • Type /alertsoff
  • Hit Enter
  • It won’t display any confirmation message, but alerts for the selected chat are disabled and no more alerts for the same will beep on your Skype
  • When you wish to switch on the alerts for the chat again, type /alertson. Again, no confirmation message will be displayed in this case too.

Switch word alerts

  • If you wish to get alerts of messages that contains your name, you can type /alertson [your name afterwards].
  • You will receive notifications with your name highlighted in the messages.
  • You can likewise add alerts for more words by simply adding with the same format – /alertson[name of word].

Follow these simple steps and bother not from every single alert. Get notified for only customized notifications of your interest.

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