SwiftKey has good news for those rockin’ Android who employ the SwiftKey third-party QWERTY app. The 184 Unicode emoji found on Android 6.0 had been available on the SwifKey Android beta. But an update to the regular SwiftKey Android app means that those emoji can now used by all Android users who have SwiftKey installed. Even if you don’t have Marshmallow powering your phone, you can still have access to the emoji. Besides all of those new emoji, 48 existing ones are being refreshed so that they look better.

SwiftKey has posted some images of the new 184 emoji that are coming to its Android app, along with the ones that have been refreshed. We have embedded a small number of those images for you in the slideshow below. If you use emoji all of the time, and you are looking for an improved typing experience, you might want to give SwiftKey a shot.

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