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How to Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2016 updates

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BlogStart a Blog Step By Step Guide – 2016 updates

Hi Folks, get ready to start an awesome blog of your own, here I’m writing in detail how to start a Blog Step By Step Guide. If you follow these steps carefully, in just 30 min you will start your own blog

This post took me almost 2 days to write these steps just to make my readers easy to understand. Trust me ill not use any complicated words or lengthy posts, I know personally how boring to read posts coz I’m a blogger too.

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Improve Your Blog in just below steps

Section 1 – Plan

Section 2 – Choose

  • Step 3 : Domain Name
  • Step 4 : Webhosting
  • Step 5 : Set up your blog

Section 3 – Design & Write

  • Step 6 : Find a Perfect Theme
  • Step 7 : Setup Plugins
  • Step 8 : Plan your content

Section 4 – Promote

  • Step 9 : SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media

Section 5 – Earn from Blogging

  • Step 10 : Passion into Profit that’s right Its AdSense

Focus each step at a time.

If you are serious about becoming a pro blogger, then you need to spend time and get started on the right way.

This is a lot of steps you might think, but don’t get overwhelmed confused. Just do one step at a time. Small Steps, Big Changes in your Blog

Use this site as your personal reference, Share, bookmark it and comeback. Feel free to ask questions in the comment sections.

If you feel that you have some challenges while following these steps and are not sure what the future will bring… don’t worry. we will help you to make things Easy

Happy Blogging

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