Sony Xperia X

Pre-orders for two of the three members of Sony’s Xperia X family are nothing new in Europe, at least when it comes to the UK – we’ve seen these launching back in March. But those only cover the Xperia X and XA, since the X Performance will not be sold in the UK (or Germany).

If you’ve been anxious to find out how much the top of the line X Performance (pictured below) is going to cost, you’ll be happy to know that this information iSony Xperia Xs finally public. The price for a SIM-free and unlocked unit in Europe is set at €699 in France and the Netherlands, and €729 in Italy and Spain.
Sony has finally started taking pre-orders for the Xperia X Performance through its online stores in Europe. The flagship is offered in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Sweden. However, it will only start shipping in early July (specifically during the week of July 4), more than four months after its official unveiling.

The Eurozone pricing for the Xperia X and XA has also been revealed by Sony’s starting of pre-orders for the handsets. The mid-range XA starts at €299 in certain places and goes up to €329 in Spain, while the X starts at €599 in some countries and jumps to €629 in Italy and Spain.

The Xperia X will become available during the week commencing on May 23, while the XA will be out the week commencing June 20.

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