xperia x

Sony is currently in the process of getting ready to release the three members of its Xperia X family, which were unveiled at MWC in February: the Xperia X, X Performance, and XA.

As part of those preparations, the Japanese company has uploaded a lot of videos about these three devices to its YouTube channel today. Some are official ads which you’re undoubtedly going to see on a TV station near you in the future, while others are design stories, and some focus on specific features of the phones.

The Xperia X Performance leads the way with a design video:

The Xperia X has its own design video too, of course:

Sony is very proud of the X’s battery life, and it’s made a video to tell you that:

What’s more, the company has even prepped an entire TV commercial about this subject:

The Xperia X’s camera is featured in this video:

This is the official ad for the Xperia XA:

And finally, the design story of the Xperia XA, the most affordable of the trio:

That’s it for now, but do expect more such promotional materials to be outed as the three smartphones become available throughout the world.


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