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Gmail is undoubtedly the most preferred email service. While most users rely on Gmail, some prefer to use some other email providers. Keeping this in mind, Google has now introduced the ability to access other email accounts via the Gmail app. Though you can access other mail providers via the offcial Gmail app, you can only do so if you do have an Gmail account.

The feature is great and Google enables you to Gmailify your Yahoo! Mail accounts and Hotmail/Outlook accounts.

Gmailify – the shorthand version allows you to forward emails from other sources to your Gmail account. As a result, Gmail offers some of its best features in the new app.

According to a report, the features will allow Gmail to offer you great assistance with:

  • Improved Spam Protection
  • Organized Gmail categories
  • Better search functions
  • Google Itineraries – part of Google now

The feature is launched in Gmail version 5.11. If you have not updated your version to 5.11 yet, download it to get the best out of Gmail.

Here’s a step-wise guide on how to get Gmail features for Yahoo and Google Account on Android device:

  • You must have a Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail/Outlook account added to your Gmail app.
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on non-Gmail account name
  • Click on Link account
  • A setup wizard will then appear to Gmailify other added email accounts to your Gmail
  • Sign in to your account and allow Gmail the access to manage your account
  • Towards the end, select the particular email address you want your mail to be sent from

Once you are done with the said steps, you are able to explore Gmail features for Yahoo and Google Accounts on your Android device. If you change your mind in future, you can simply disable the Gmailify feature anytime on your non-Gmail accounts and carry on with the same you did before the new feature came in.

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