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Samsung S Note App

A good news for all Samsung users. The South Korean tech giant has decided to branch off its Samsung S Note app and release it on the Play Store.

With the S Note app, Samsung owners can use their S Pen or finger to draw on their device whenever they feel to. The app also lets you insert pictures, charts, and other additions as per the situation demands. It also allows users to print, save and export the drawings as PDF.You can also sync notes across other devices running S Note.

As per Samsung claims, the Samsung S Note app will now even work on devices that don’t support the company’s S Pen stylus accessory. However, without the S Pen you can’t access and enjoy complete S Note app features.

Samsung S Note App Screen_1

Initially, the S Note app was only available for Samsung-branded devices, but now the company has decided to roll it out for other devices as well. Hence giving all users, an opportunity to get their hands on the app. This is indeed a great decision made by Samsung, as this way the app can reach to a large number of users.

However, it’s still unclear that what the use of launching the app on Play Store is. Samsung hasn’t unlocked the app properly for non-Samsung devices. Non-Samsung users can use it but can’t enjoy complete features. You can use the app! But with mixed results!

Overall the app still intends to be suitable only for Galaxy Note series, as it is the only flagship to support S Pen stylus and the app can’t be accessed completely without the S Pen stylus. However, there are chances that Samsung is actually planning to extend app support for non-Samsung devices too and it may launch full support for these devices in near future. Anything can happen!

Samsung S Note App Screen_2

Anyway user reaction to the app will be a pretty much interesting thing to see! Stay tuned for more updates!

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