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Create a powerful, effective resume

Pursue your passions and advance your career with Resume Assistant in Word, powered by LinkedIn. Build your resume based on real job postings, incorporate recommendations from the best resumes on LinkedIn, and get help from industry professionals through ProFinder.

Tablet screen showing Word with Resume Assistant bar on the right with resume examples

Edit naturally, revise easily

With Ink Editor, you can use ink intuitively to edit documents directly. Strike through words to delete them, circle text to select it, and automatically snap highlighter ink to text. 

Tablet screen showing Ink Editor

Draw freely, with precision

Grab a digital pen and work naturally in PowerPoint. Ink to Text takes your notes and converts them to text to save you time, and Ink to Shape transforms your handwritten shapes into precise circle, squares, and even trapezoids.

Laptop screen showing a power point presentation animated gif (interior design showing both Ink to text and Ink to Shape)

Solve problems faster

Handwrite an equation in OneNote, and theink math assistant not only converts it to text, but also teaches you the steps to solve it with an interactive graph and variables you can manipulate. 

Tablet screen showing OneNote using ink math assistant

Share stories from every angle

New 3D capabilities add powerful dimensions of creativity to your PowerPoint, Word, and Excel docs. Easily insert 3D objects from the Remix 3D  catalog or your desktop, and bring 3D objects to life in your presentations with transitions like Morph.

Tablet screen showing Morph being used in a PowerPoint about space telescopes

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