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Pivot Chart – Pivot table – in Excel


A pivot chart is the visual representation of a pivot table in Excel. Pivot charts and pivot tables are connected with each other.

Below you can find a two-dimensional pivot table. Go back to Pivot Tables to learn how to create this pivot table.

Two-dimensional Pivot Table in Excel

Insert Pivot Chart – Pivot table

To insert a pivot chart, simply insert a chart.

1. Click any cell inside the pivot table.

2. On the Insert tab, click Column and select one of the subtypes. For example, Clustered Column.

Insert Clustered Column Chart

Below you can find the pivot chart. This pivot chart will amaze and impress your boss.

Pivot Chart

Note: any changes you make to the pivot chart are immediately reflected in the pivot table and vice versa.

Filter Pivot Chart

To filter this pivot chart, execute the following steps.

1a. Use the standard filters (triangles next to Product and Country). For example, use the Country filter to only show the total amount of each product exported to the United States.

Standard Filter

1b. Because we added the Category field to the Report Filter area, we can filter this pivot chart (and pivot table) by Category. For example, use the Category filter to only show the vegetables exported to each country.

Report Filter

Change Pivot Chart Type

You can change to a different type of pivot chart at any time.

1. Select the chart.

2. The PivotChart tools contextual tab activates. On the Design tab, click Change Chart Type.

Change Chart Type

3. Choose Pie.

Choose Pie Chart

4. Click OK.

Pie Chart

Note: pie charts always use one data series (in this case, Apple). To get a pivot chart of a country, swap the data over the axis. Select the chart. The PivotChart tools contextual tab activates. On the Design tab, click Switch Row/Column.

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