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Declared site “Wccftech” for the price of a phone 7 Next iPhone, which will be released in September / September next. According to the source, the price of the smallest smartphone internal memory will be less than $ 100 from the price of the previous iPhone counterpart S6 memory of 16 GB in the beginning of sales.

Here are the details:

The official price of the iPhone S6 internal memory of 16 GB is $ 649, and the memory of 64 GB for $ 749, while the memory capacity of 128 GB is sold for US $ 849.

low price

According to the leaked information, the minimum memory Phone 7 will be 32 GB, and will cost US $ 550 a $ 100 cheaper than its predecessor with a 16 GB.

The reason for the low price of the iPhone to reduce production costs.

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