We love to talk up the rate at which technology advances, especially in the mobile industry, but there’s one area that—at least seemingly—refuses to budge. Battery life.

Battery longevity is a complex thing, however, and not just in terms of the potentially explosive chemicals that are always in a delicate balance (until they aren’t, in which case, boom!). That’s important to keep in mind, because the reality is that battery life is getting better, but it’s being kept back by decisions such as going for obscenely high-res displays and other internals that are usually pomp and inefficient. Manufacturers have also become much better at sticking increasingly larger cells into record slim bodies, and more in this case is… more!

But perhaps it’s not enough. That, at least, is what the results from our yesterday poll indicate. We asked you to point in the direction of the one area Samsung should focus on with its next flagship, and many of you spoke up. Unsurprisingly at this point, battery life was the number one concern (~37%), with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz interface following not far behind (~25%).


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