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Now Instagram videos will be 60 seconds long

Instagram shared about introducing a new change to its video feature. The news was shared via its official blog on Wednesday. According to the news, Instagram videos will soon be up to one minute long.

The photo-sharing social platform wants to introduce flexible, entertaining, and creative ways from time to time for its users. The new move will make Instagram videos more simpler and efficient for the users.

Earlier, users were limited to engage only with 15-second videos. The new update is on its way and will soon be available. The official blogpost revealing the update read,


The blogpost also stated that introducing the 60-second video capability is a step forward to Instagram’s continued commitment towards its users.

Maybe the update is first in a row among the many updates that you are going to see later this year from Instagram.

For the past six months, the total time spent by people watching Instagram videos increased by more than 40 percent. Now with the new feat, longer Instagram videos would help users to share more diverse stories.

Be it Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on her official account hanging out with her friends. Or maybe the beauty icon Bretman Rock’s (@bretmanrock) latest makeup tutorial. You would get a golden opportunity to enjoy their experiences.

The touted 60-second video time limit has already been there only for a bunch of advertisers. The apparent motive behind the move is to give a close run to television ads.

The change started showing up from March 30 for the advertisers. Yet, it might take some time to make the new feat available for all users. Reports reveal that the change can be expected to reach all Instagram users in the coming few months.

This week, Instagram multi-clip video feature also becomes available. The feat will be rolled out as a part of Instagram for iOS version 7.19 on App Store. The feature will allow iOS users to make videos out of multiple clips straight from their camera roll.

The move seems like Facebook and Instagram’s strategy to promote Instagram as a strong and competitive video-sharing channel, apart from a mere photo-sharing platform.

Finally, the move seems to reduce the limitations stressed initially on the app when it was competing against Vine in its infancy.

The move might bring good ways for Instagram to increase its popularity and usefulness for the users. Let’s see how useful the feat turns out for the Instagram users.


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