Newsbeat’s Gaming Show is back with all you need to know about what’s going on in gaming.

February is a big month for those of you who like bashing buttons and perfecting combinations.

The long awaited Street Fighter V is being released and we’ve been speaking to Yoshinori Ono, the man behind the game.

We’ve also been at the Halo World Championships finding out about shoutcasters, some of the most important people in e-sports.

Plus we have a round-up of the news, other upcoming releases and induct a classic game into our hall of fame.

This month’s news includes Call of Duty publishers Activision being sued because of one the characters in their game Black Ops 2.

Taylor Swift is releasing her own mobile game with the makers of Kim Kardashian’s smartphone app.

Professional FIFA player David Bytheway signs for German side Wolfsburg.

And Nintendo reveals a few new details about its first smartphone app Miitomo.

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