Game built for Andromeda OS spotted in the Store  

Microsoft’s Surface Phone is still a dream that’s yet to come true, but according to some recent findings, the moment this device goes live might not be too far.

After so many patents and SDK references spotted in Microsoft code, a game published in the Microsoft Store seems to indicate the same thing: a new mobile device built by the software giant and powered by a so-called Andromeda OS is on its way.

Called Miami Street, this new title is a racing game built by Electric Square and Microsoft Studios. It was originally called Forza Kart, and seems to be more of an Asphalt clone that will run on Windows 10 PCs and on devices running Andromeda OS shell. Including what could be Microsoft’s new mobile device.

According to reports, Miami Street comes with code in the app package metadata that specifically mentions Andromeda OS, though right now, it’s more important to take this proof as a confirmation that the project exists and not necessarily that it launches.

“Surface Phone,” not Surface Phone

Since Microsoft has never acknowledged the project officially, it could very well cancel it before the public launch, which according to more sources familiar with the matter should happen by the end of the year.

As for the purpose of the device, the quotes in the title are there for a good reason. Although many people call it the Surface Phone, the upcoming model is more likely to land in the form of a Courier-like multi-form factor device powered by an innovative hinge allowing it to double as a laptop and tablet.

While phone capabilities could also be included, though there’s no guarantee in this regard, it’s highly unlikely for the upcoming device to be marketed as a smartphone, but more as a new form factor that comes in line with Microsoft’s innovation push as part of the Surface lineup.


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