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MS Project “Madeira” to make business management solution now available in public preview

Microsoft’s Project Madeira is a business management solution for SMBs that robotizes and streamlines business procedures and helps them deal with their business. According to sources, Microsoft’s Project Madeira is now available in public preview.

It offers an embedded encounter inside Office 365 so you can make clients, sellers, quotes, and receipts without leaving Outlook. You can also export data to Excel for analysis and make your active archives in Word. It additionally works with Power BI to make intuitive reports taking into account operational info.

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Microsoft announced the app on its official website, talking about its advantages and uses for individuals. Now users would be able to manage their files, finances, billing, purchasing, inventory, and everything without compromising on Outlook.

The app is a specimen of productivity to offer comprehensive business management solution that is compatible with Office 365. In the trial version, you can see visual tutorials that clarify center capabilities. These tutorials let you experiment with day by day tasks; for example, making a business receipt and review a report.

When you need to learn the ropes on Project Madeira all alone, you can simply click to the Getting Started tour. The Home page is likewise where you will locate the Assisted Setup and Tasks action. Here you would see a rundown of assisted setup that can help you get started.

When you have moved information; for example, sellers, clients, and items from your current financial system utilizing the Migrate Business Data assisted setup – you are all set to start.

Be that as it may, contingent upon your needs, consider if the other assisted setup can help you.

Start your preview of Project Madeira today to check out how easy it is now to manage all your business activities. Microsoft has expanded this project for Windows app to your mobile and touchscreen devices for offering productivity on the go.


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