Strength training is all about getting results in the shortest time possible. But unless you’re an expert how do you know where to focus your efforts for optimal performance? This is where Mpower believes it can provide a solution. Mpower is a new training accessory with the ability to accurately measure and show muscle activity, allowing for training to be adjusted accordingly.

The idea was first conceived in 2011 by Finnish company founder Mika Herrala, a biophysics and muscle expert. It uses a small, 23 gram pod which can be easily attached to the skin surface of any muscle. The pod then measures the EMG electrical signals produced by muscles when they are activated during exercise, using surface EMG (sEMG) technology. Following this, the information is transmitted to a mobile app, where it is analysed to produce new, helpful training parameters for the athlete to work with. The app focuses on a range of details, including athletes’ fast muscle fibre activation levels, maximum muscle activation power and can even provide information on muscle fatigue.
The full and available technology will launch in May of this year, with several models ranging between $377 to $1508. Correct pricing will be imperative for Mpower’s success- the range of wearable, performance-tracking gear is growing drastically, and so it will face stiff competition. Watches, such as the Epson Runsense smartwatch and the Fitbit, now allow heart-rate, running pace, and even sleep to be monitored. There has also recently been an emergence of insoles to make athletes smarter about their foot movements and strides, as well as multi-garment performance tracking clothes.
However, most of this existing performance-tracking gear focuses on endurance training, particularly in terms of running. Mpower is a bit different of an approach to strength training. Not only this, but there is currently a real-thirst for strength training knowledge. Take the success of the many YouTube channels focused on the gym, for instance. People want to know the tips and tricks for progress, and they don’t want to waste any time in doing so.

Mpower doesn’t just educate, it actively demonstrates where improvement can be made on an individual level. Forget trawling through the internet for overused, repetitive strength training advice. If it delivers on its promises, Mpower will deliver meticulously tailored advice just for you.


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