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modern and space-saving kitchen ideas

Modern kitchen is all about functionality and efficient utilization of the space. Ample storage unit and unobstructed moving space makes life in kitchen simple and stress free. From spacious U-shaped kitchen to fashionable L-shape,

Modern kitchen is all about functionality and efficient utilization of the space. Ample storage unit and unobstructed moving space makes life in kitchen simple and stress free. From spacious U-shaped kitchen to fashionable L-shape, from narrow alley to just a wall serving as kitchen, from the warmth of wood to the shine of glass, you simply have to be little smart and innovative while designing a kitchen for your home. As far as some inspiration is required, Homify professionals are always there with amazing ideas. Have a look, get inspired and design a perfectly modern and efficient kitchen for your home.

​1. In the middle of the island

Kitchen Design: industrial Kitchen by Akaar architects

Island with a cook top in the middle of a U-shaped kitchen is like having the comfort of modern commercial kitchen in home. The professional layout of this kitchen designed by Akaar Architects from Faridabad is space-efficient with sufficient storage to keep the life in kitchen organized. Metal cabinetry in kitchen is a boon since it is easy to clean and long lasting. The coolness of metal is balanced off well with the warmth of wood on the floor. Wet, prep and cook area is well defined in this modern industrial kitchen.

​2. Welcoming with an open plan

ATS hamlet One, NOIDA: modern Kitchen by Form & Function

This U-shaped modern kitchen designed by Form and Function in a Noida home perfectly suits the trendy open-plan living which has become so common among modern Indian family. Wooden cabinets running along with the white marble counter top stretches in height to form a breakfast table for the family on the move. The openness of kitchen allows the unobstructed flow of conversation and creates an illusion of roominess. Refrigerator is kept on the opposite side of stove maintain the distance but still at arm length to reduce the movement and increase the efficiency.

modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

​3. Dominated by the drawers

The House of Arches: mediterranean Kitchen by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd

This Mediterranean kitchen is designed to suit the style of a Delhi home owner. A table with drawers and open shelves in the middle is not an obstruction but is there to create a perfect cozy little hangout spot for family and friends. Cabinets and open shelves on the top, drawers all around in the floor cabinets and a built-in gadget garage, this kitchen has been perfectly planned and well executed by S SQUARED ARCHITECTS PVT LTD.

​4. Growing vertically

Kitchen with Loft and Tall unit: modern Kitchen by NVT Quality Build solution

Modern is being innovative. This modern kitchen made in laminate and lacquered glass finish is designed by NVT QUALITY BUILD SOLUTION to fit in a corner of an apartment in Bangalore. Loft, middle cabinets and under the counter cabinets is sufficient for storage and then a long cabinet is there to park the modern gadgets of the kitchen. The shape L leaves ample space for movement. Sink and cook-top though follow the Vastu rule for the kitchenbut still are within a hand reach for comfortable hassle- free working in the kitchen.

​5. Narrow is the new roomy

kitchen: modern Kitchen by Three Interiors

Mumbai planner Three Interiors knows how to take advantage of the narrow long space in the kitchen. Though the cook top and sink shares the counter-top, still the distance has been maintained to separate the dry from wet. The space has been made alive by bold colour on the wall tiles which is contrasted and complemented by the shine of the white laminate with red waves on it.

​6. Homey with an artistic touch

Modular Kitchen:   by HGCG Architects

The brief was to meet the calm, compassionate and artistic mind of a socially active family. The result was a modern open plan kitchen in the shape of L designed to perfection for Ahmedabad home owner by HGCG ARCHITECTS. Monochromatic theme was maintained for the wooden cabinets covered with shiny laminates. Even the refrigerator matched the colour theme. Breakfast table symbolically divided the kitchen from the social area of the house. Spotlights and hanging pendant lamps completes the look.

​7. A wall called kitchen


Modern design emphasises on simplicity. In a small home where all you get is a wall for kitchen, the trick is to keep it simple. This whole kitchen in Kolkata home is made by using just stone and wood. Space is made for washing machine and refrigerator. Open wooden boxes on the wall and close cabinetry below the counter creates an ample storage space in this small modern kitchen designed by FREELANCE.

8. Long blissful walk

Residence-Pinjaniji: modern Kitchen by KHOWAL ARCHITECTS + PLANNERS

This long kitchen is made warm by the generous use of wood in its natural texture and colour and then is calm down by white which predominate the space. It’s perfect to suit the hot and humid Jaipur weather. Sink, refrigerator and gadgets are all placed on one wall with cook top on the small counter extended just for it. Asymmetrical shape and size of the wall cabinet looks attractive and breaks the monotony of the space. Service platform is on the other side to make life a little bit more organized in the kitchen.

Which one of these modern kitchens inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.


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