Learning how to do something by yourself can be more motivative but do you know where to look for easy, straight-forward tutorials? Here are a list of helpful sites that will help you kick-start your career (or hobby) of coding.

Looking for a site to teach you about each individual components and tags on HTML5, 4, Javascript, PHP, ASP. NET and soo much more? Try w3schools! (Http:// w3schools also have certificates that you can earn by purchasing an examination. You will be given 70 questions to answer (true/ false etc.) within the 70 minutes time limit while being surpervised by a supervisor of your choice (Your teacher etc.). w3schools is not well-known but is a good start for certificates at $95. All of their learning resources are free including a few quizzes!

Need help on something related to web coding? Try BensTechTips ( or Stack Overflow (!

If you want to learn things in a more systematic order, you could try Code Academy (! Code Academy is an online step-by-step tutorial site to help you get started with coding with all of the resources you need online and no separate third-party content that you would need to scavenger the internet. Just no.

If you want to go hands-on with a similar service like Code Academy, you can try Code School ( Code School contains hands-on tutorial on how to solve a real-life scenario. (such as an e-shop etc.) with tutorials for HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby, Angular JS, CSS and many more! Some courses are free and you can continue by purchasing either a monthly or yearly subscription.

More websites to come leter on! Meanwhile, if you have any questions related to HTML5 or Javascript or anything else related, feel free to post a question on the forum! I’ll be chrcking the forum at least 5 times a week to ensure YOU get answers FAST!

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