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The latest Windows 10 build upgrades microsoft edge but screws Skype

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Build 10576
Windows Insider Program users can now get their hands on the latest Windows 10 beta build released by Microsoft on Thursday.

Windows Insider Program subscribers can now bring the latest build of Windows 10 into play on their PC and tablets as Microsoft on Thursday released the new beta version of Windows 10, Build 10576.

Build 10576 has got some serious tweaks, all of which primarily focus on giving Windows 10 users a better Microsoft Edge experience. The latest build enables users to send audio, images and videos to any compatible device equipped with DLNA and Miracast.

However, you won’t be able to send protected content such as the likes of Netflix videos. With the latest tweak set you can now make use of the fascinating ‘Ask Cortana’ feature to get some additional info about text selected inside a PDF on your Web browser.

The update, however, suffers from some infuriating bugs. Such as; if a Surface Pro 3 user hits the power button to let the device go to sleep, the procedure goes awry and the device shuts down instead. It’s worse for Dell Venue 8 Pro users; soon after installing the update, if the device is booted with a larger virtual screen size than its actual screen size, the result will be a crash and an automatic roll back to the previous build.

Moreover, Skype users will get an empty contact list and erased messages soon after the update gets completed. To fix this Skype issue, you can either re-install the app from Windows Store or follow instructions about identification and deletion of a file, as given by Microsoft in the blog post which announced the update.

Well, these bugs are not much of an issue if you aren’t having a Surface Pro 3 or Dell Venue 8 Pro and you can effectively use the build, provided you are a Windows Insider Program user.

Windows 10 users will get the update in 2016 along with the release of a newer build for Windows 10 Mobile users. So, stay tuned!!


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