Uber, drops are changing the way people travel , Tesla electric car is still the industry leader , unmanned technology has become a new trend in the field of intelligent vehicles . Even in the field of industrial applications , smart carts , warehouse machinery cars have more and more dazzling performance . Eyesight , the smart car is changing our world. In this process , how can less got wound off their creative play ?

2016 ” Jingzhe ” season (Mar 4 – March 6 ) , hard , a State will be held jointly Beijing University of Science and Technology ” Global Initiative 2015-2016 season off Marathon ” fourth leg – NTUT “intellectual driving” special . As a 2016 first record passenger marathon , hard -invasive state honored to include “IEEE Technology Association, the Chinese Academy of Sciences advanced hospital ” and other academic research institutions , including as the tournament’s technical guidance , while Zhongguancun Venture Street will also be full support of the organized the event .

Activity 3 days , a 3-5 person team to the gentlemen , around the theme of hardware development . “Smart Driving ” key covers ” intelligent transportation , smart car accessories , intelligent transportation systems , unmanned smart car industry-specific applications ,” such as the direction . During the race , there will be professional technical instructors , business experts to do the technical guidance for the contestants . As long as you have enough ideas , creating enough passengers, you can participate in the competition , the winner will be awarded 10,000 yuan provided by the organizers of the prize money !

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Thematic orientations :

“Smart Driving ” key covers ” intelligent transportation , smart car accessories , intelligent transportation systems , unmanned smart car industry-specific applications ,” such as the direction .

Intelligent Transportation: transportation for travel to do intelligent design and transformation, is not limited to automotive tools ;

Smart Auto Parts : around auto parts may be used on products and interactive experience a new way to do the design and invention ;

Intelligent Transportation Systems : focus on intelligent transportation system feasibility technical design and hardware solutions ;

Unmanned : a combination of hardware products designed to give unmanned technological solutions ;

Applications: For other areas around the car attribute gives the feasibility of hardware product design , need to reflect the concept of movement.

Entry Q & A:

1 , activity specific time and place ?

Time : March 4, 2016 –3 6, Entry Application Deadline: March 2, 2016 ;

Venue: Beijing University of Technology

2. Are reimbursed travel expenses ?

All participants are at their own expense to participate , on behalf of enterprises to participate in staff related costs reimbursed by those companies

3 , the organizers offer?
Create customer product development process of the basic tools , 3d printer ( 10 ) , a wireless network environment , not separately with raw materials for the team ( each team developed different products , needs its own with related materials , some companies will be docking support , such as chips , SCM ‘s , etc. )

4, if the product is not developed site, will not be affected?

First, to participate in on-site research and development projects are screened by our mentors in the development process, we follow the guidance of mentors will live
Secondly, exchange first, competition second, but it did not come out of the product development team will not be able to participate in the closing selection.

5, on-site meals and accommodation how to solve?

Before the event we will be in a good variety of peripheral research related to living conditions of the event we will provide camp beds, convenient stopover record lobbyists.

6, field team will be at risk?

Game were to receive individual & team registration, organizers will be with the team before the game according to individual customer record and arrange online exchange, to ensure that all participating teams before the start of online communication have been good division of labor and product planning. Second, the event staff throughout the work are in, it will be with the tutor, corporate communications.

prize settings:

A first prize: prize 10,000 yuan;

Second prize two: bonus 3000 yuan;

Three third prize: a bonus 1000 yuan;

Four prize: prizes provided by the organizers;

Organizers: Hard Chong Bang & Beijing University of Science and Technology

Cooperation Organization: Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Institute, the Branch customer Academy Street Zhongguancun Venture hardcore space



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