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Currently expected for its usual fall release timeframe, iPhone 7 will continue Apple’s relentless march towards thinner products with rumors of the headphone jack being ditched for Lightning only. Don’t worry Apple fans, the company will sell you a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter for a reasonable price if you need that old set of wired headphones to work. And opening up Lightning for headphone makers a couple years back puts it in a good position to make the transition. Most people will be pushed to wireless headphones, of which Beats and those making Lightning headphones have plenty to offer. Will there be Beats Wireless headphones (or Lightning) in the iPhone 7 box? That’d be interesting!

In addition to losing the headphone jack and all that implies, I think Apple will again strive to improve the display perhaps (or perhaps not) with AMOLED. Apple’s display technology of choice on the Apple Watch could save battery life and give those pixel off blacks that Samsung and other Android makers have been bragging about for awhile. The display isn’t the only thing coming from Apple Watch however. I think Apple will go the next step on waterproofing and ruggedizing. While the iPhone 6s can withstand a lot of water, Apple doesn’t officially cover or claim any amount of waterproofing. Giving it IPX7 waterproofing would also a great excuse for the removal of the 3.5mm audiojack.

A technology that Apple should steal from Motorola is its unbreakable display. I’ve cracked the screens of 5 iPhones in my life both in and out of cases. This technology ends that. Apple should buy it from Motorola if it has to. It is a game changer.


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