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The most recent reliable report on new iPads came from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. His report predicts an early 2016 released for an upgraded iPad Air based on supply chain sources. Apple upgraded its iPad mini model alongside the introduction of larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro in September, so the iPad Air is certainly next in line for the product category in terms of a refresh.

The iPad Air 3 is expected to include the usual upgraded internals but largely remain the same as the second-generation iPad Air in terms of design. But don’t expect Apple to bring its 3D Touch pressure sensitive touchscreen tech to the new iPad, as Kuo predicts it’s currently unlikely for the upgraded iPad Air 3 expected to arrive early next this year.

The timing would also make an upgraded iPad Air 3 a contender for stage time at Apple’s March event.

What else might we see from the iPad line? Following the launch of iPad Pro and its companion Smart Keyboard, we think Apple still has a lot of room for improvement in the keyboard arena for one. We’d like to see a clamshell version for all versions of the iPad. Also, price reductions (which are already happening at retail partners) and getting rid of the 16GB tier make a lot of sense. On the software side, making the iPad OS more like a desktop OS with more windowing options and a file browser/access makes a lot of sense, too, if Apple wants to continue to eat up computer maker market share with its tablet lineup.


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