iPad Air 3 could be an iPad Pro for the common user

An Apple Event has been tipped to take place next month packed with a number of devices, one of which is the long-awaited iPad Air 3, this time tipped to come with some “Pro” features. This upgrade to the iPad Air 2, a device revealed in the year 2014, will very likely take on several key features of the iPad Pro. As the iPad Air continues to be the hero of the pack of iPad devices on the market today, it’s only right that Apple give it the features that make it the prime example of what an iPad is capable of.

According to IDC, the iPad Pro overcame all other tables in the fourth quarter of the year 2015, outselling Microsoft’s Surface lineup. Apple’s stance on sharing features between device lines is currently such that we would not be the least bit surprised if the iPad Air 3 came to work with all the best bits delivered with the iPad Pro.

iPad Air 3 leaked diagram reinforces iPad Pro image

The iPad Air 3 would, if our thinking here proves to be accurate, work with its own full-sized keyboard that attaches like the iPad Pro’s, working with its own Smart Connector as such.

Four speakers would likely be embedded within the iPad Air 3, bringing the sound game of the tablet line up to speed.

Perhaps most important to this equation is the inclusion of the Apple Pencil. While the Apple Pencil will continue to be sold separately, touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity boosted to the point at which the Apple Pencil can function with the iPad Air 3 would make it an artist’s tool the likes of which are only beaten by the larger display size of the iPad Pro.

It’s unlikely that the price of the iPad Air will change. Apple’s trend has been and will likely continue to be one of replacing the old model with a new one and keeping the pricing a constant.

While the iPad Pro’s cost start at $799 USD, Apple will probably continue to offer the iPad Air (and therefor the iPad Air 3) starting at $499 USD.

We shall see the lot come March. Have a peek at the timeline below to see additional bits and pieces regarding Apple’s next big event.

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