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I have a sign-in screen which then goes to the terrifying BBS

 Microsoft pushed the big (monthly) update. It all but destroyed my laptop. I have a sign-in screen which then goes to the terrifying BBS. I have no icons, no tool bars, no Wi-Fi, no drivers, etc.


Latest Windows 10 update continues to have issues, like a “terrifying BBS” screen

Tech+ I know you said you don’t want to go to a local Microsoft store, but this seems like something they should fix for free. So for those readers who’d prefer to see if Microsoft will help you fix its own software, try one of these locations (and call first):

As for an actual phone number, Microsoft has a whole page of phone numbers listed for several countries. In the US, (800) 642 7676 is the main number, while 877-696-7786 is for stores’ customer support.

You can also get support online — if you’re even able to get online — at support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus

I’ve mentioned other tech support sites, like Best Buy’s Geek Squad, that you can pay to help you fix computer issues. A past Tech+ roundup can be found here: Where to find tech help when you think no one else is around, at dpo.st/dptechhelptips.

But to address the big issue of a Windows 10 update meltdown, you’re not alone. This seems to happen a lot, and recently. Search for “windows 10 update ruined pc” and you’ll see a whole page of results just from 2018. You may find your answer there.

Another alternative? Start over. Microsoft offers a fresh-start tool to install a clean copy of Windows 10 on a computer. It removes any apps you’ve installed but lets you choose whether to keep personal files.

If you go this route, backup personal files on a separate hard drive first, so you know you have a backup. You should write down all the license numbers of legitimate software previously installed so that it will be a cinch to reinstall and activate the software after the Windows 10 update.


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