Hello TNBreaders,This is very intersting because We generally use USB cables,data cables,Bluetooth to transfer files between PC/laptop and Android. With USB cable the transferring speed is high speed But the daily usage of USB cable/data cables is sometimes irritating and annoying for most of the users to carry USB cable with them.So in this post/blog, Here i am explain you How to transfer files between PC/laptop and Android Using WI-FI by creating a remote network between devices using third party applications.


transfer files between PC and ANDROID using Wi-Fi

There are lots of Android apps such as AirDroidWeb Sharing LiteWiFi File Transfer are available on Google Play store which provides the facility to transfer files between your computer/laptop and Android devices using Wi-Fi.All these files work by creating a common network between your PC/laptop and Android phone thus allowing you to transfer files between each other.


How to Transfer Files Between Android And PC Using AirDroid


Here i am using of these above android application say AirDroid is a free and easy to use android app which helps us to manage our Android device via PC’s web browser. It is used for both receiving and sending files between PC and Android Phone.There is No using USB cable, Driver installation is required,Just install AirDroid app in your smartphone and enjoy transferring files between your PC and android phone


Steps To transfer files between PC and ANDROID using Wi-Fi


Step 1 : First,Connect to your PCs Wi-Fi network from your Android device.


Step 2 : Go to Google Play, download AirDroid app and install on your smartphone.


Step 3 : After Once app is installed, Lanch the app and it will start AirDroid Server.


Step 4 : Now Here youll see web URL, IP address, Scan QR Code options.


Step 5 : On your PC, Go to AirDroid Web Interface.


Step 6 : Here you can see QR code is displayed on the home page. just scan this code with your phone,by tapping on the Scan QR Code button of the AirDroid App. Once both the devices are connected, the model of your android device will appear at the top right screen of your PC..


Transfer Files From PC To Android Device


Step 1 : To transfer a file from PC to android, Just select the file tab from the AirDroid toolbox and click on the folder/file icon to select any file from your PC and Click on Upload Button.


Step 2 : As soon as you select the file, AirDroid will start transferring the file to your android phone. Like this, you can also transfer entire folders to your android phone.


Transferring Files From Android Phone To PC


Step 1 : Tof you want to transfer files from your Android device to your PC, then you have to use the AirDroid web interface on your PC. All you need to do is click on the files icon from AirDroid’s web interface and select a file, right click on it and click on download option.


Step 2 : The file will be downloaded to your PC as regular downloads. You can find this file at Downloads section of your browser.


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