The not so old Facebook faceoff involving the Cambridge Analytica, the much talked about data breach scandal has alerted the people in the tech industry. Even users outside the tech industry are highly concerned about the security of their private and confidential data.

Another recent report has raised the concerns further by alleging that the tech giant Google gives permission to its third-party app developers to access the mails of the Gmail users. Millions of Google email service users must be feeling ditched after reading such reports coming earlier this week. And this in the light of current security issues and Google’s assurance can be a major setback to Google’s image.

The report indicates that the app developers have the access to Gmail users’ inboxes especially those who have signed up for newsletters though other websites. In response to these allegations through its blog, Google refuted all such claims and insisted that the tech leader continues to scrutinize these apps before general access is allowed to them.

In addition to this scrutiny claim, Google also says that they automatically process the user emails so that the users get lesser spam mails and minimizes the phishing attempts. Google has reiterated on its promise that no emails are processed to comprehend the content and use it for digital marketing and adware. Google also claims that the general practice of automatic email processing should not be understood as reading the emails.

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Since Google is engaged in providing a platform for app developers and access by their apps, Google claims that access to secure user data is only allowed after a well placed scrutiny process. The app developers need to share their detailed representation with Google clearly specifying the data they need. Only after providing unambiguous agreements and disclosures the app developers are given the access to user data.

How to check app access by Google?

If you want to be certain about how much access to your personal data stored with Google an app has, you can use Google’s  Security Checkup Section.

security options

From this dashboard, you have the complete control of your Google account indicating the logins, security events, and third party access. You can revoke your account login, review your predefined sign-ins on Web and mobile, and renew the account recovery methods.

You have the flexibility to set your needed permissions though this link after logging on your Google account. As you can see in the image you get the list of third-party apps that are currently accessing your Google account.


If you are completely sure that you don’t want a specific app to access your Google account, click open that specific app and you will be able to see the “Remove Access” option

image showing remove-access button


Google allows complete access removal by providing the “Remove Access” Button. No partial access permissions are permitted. This is one way you can do a bit on your side to prevent any data breach on your Google account. This is the least you can do in the times when even big and reputed organizations like Google could not prevent themselves from such accusations.


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