Firefox Hello, the latest feature of the Firefox free open source web browser, allows the use of the Firefox browser to make free video calls over the Internet. Users can do voice calls and text messages directly from the browser.
Hello is Already a Part of Firefox

To begin using the Firefox browser to make free video calls, you first need Firefox Hello. If you have Firefox, you already have the Hello feature. Google Chrome and Opera browsers support the free audio and video calls over Firefox Hello. Only Firefox browser users can initiate calls, but you can make free video chats between Firefox and Firefox, Firefox and Chrome, and Firefox and Opera. Google Chrome and Opera browser users can join the conversation through an invitation link.

Users cannot use the Firefox browser to make free video calls to people who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari, as both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari do not support this feature.

Benefits of Hello

Firefox Hello has many advantages over other online chat services, like Apple FaceTime, WhatsApp Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Skype, etc.

The user can use Hello in the Firefox browser to make free video calls. There are no hidden charges. Unlimited video calls, or audio calls can be made using the browser without any fee.
It is user friendly. Anyone who knows how to use the Internet can use the Firefox browser to make free video calls. There is no need to download any plug-in for Firefox.
Any user having the latest version of Mozilla browser can start free online chats with those who are using a compatible web browser.
There is no need to have an account to use the Firefox browser to make free video calls or audio calls.

How to Use the Firefox Browser to Make Free Video Calls

To use the Firefox browser to make free video calls, the user can follow these easy steps:

Run Firefox browser on the PC.
Click on the small smile icon that is present in top right tool bar of the browser. This is the Firefox Hello button
Now click on “Start a conversation” button.
User can label the conversation by giving it a name.
Email the link to a friend by clicking on the “Email link” button. The user can also copy the link and paste it into any other messengers to invite friends. It also provides the option to share the link in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
The Hello button turns to blue with an alert when a friend has joined the conversation. The user has to just click on it to add them to the conversation.
To end the call, the user can click on the red arrow icon that is displayed at the top left side.
The application also provides the user with an option to delete the call history by clicking on the “Trash” icon.

Additional Features of Firefox Hello

Firefox Hello provides some interesting features to users. It includes the ability to share screen, instant messaging and the ability for the user to change his status during a call.

The ability to use the Firefox browser to make free video calls is a great feature that is available in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser.

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