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How to Choose the Windows 10 Start Menu or the Start Screen as Your Default


In Windows 10, Microsoft has resuscitated the much-missed Start menu for PC users who prefer it to the more touch- and tablet-focused Start screen introduced in Windows 8. But that doesn’t mean the Start screen has been bumped off entirely.

Trying to gear itself toward PC and tablet users, Windows 10 offers both the Start menu and the Start screen, so you can choose which one you prefer. Users of hybrid-style computers that transform between physical laptop and tablet modes may find themselves jumping between the Start menu and Start screen. So how can you customize Windows 10 with the Start experience of your choice?

Let’s say your PC already has the Start menu set up as the default, and you want to switch to the Start screen. Click on the Start button and then click on Settings.

How to Customize Windows 10 (1)

From the Settings screen, click on the setting for Personalization.

How to Customize Windows 10 (2)

From the Personalization screen, click on the category for Start. In the right pane, turn on the switch to Use Start full screen.

How to Customize Windows 10 (3)

Click on the Start button, and you’ll now see the Start screen in all its full-screen glory.

How to Customize Windows 10 (4)

To switch back to the Start menu at any time, just turn off that same switch.




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