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10 hidden iPhone 7 features you should start using now

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hidden iPhone 7 features
10 hidden iPhone 7 features you should start using now

If you have already purchased the new iPhone 7 or its bigger sibling iPhone 7 Plus then you might want to explore some hidden iPhone 7 features within the two high-end devices. Well, this simple guide reveals the best hidden features and shortcuts to get the most out of your Apple handset.

Here are the best 10 hidden iPhone 7 features you should start using now.

Best hidden iPhone 7 features

1. Quickly erase a message

When you’ve started to type a message and soon decided to write something else, you’d use the backspace key to clear the blunder. Instead of using this time consuming method, just give a quick shake to your iPhone 7 and you will be asked if you want to delete the entire text. This is one of the simplest hidden iPhone 7 features for those who message a lot.

2. Change feedback level of the new home button

The iPhone 7 features a new home button, which isn’t a real button. When you press it, you will get a vibration feedback.

To get a softer or stronger vibration, go to General settings and then Home Button.Here you can test three different feedback levels before applying the one that suits you the best.

3. Check for any waiting notifications

Earlier you need to tap the power button to activate the display of your iPhone device. Now, simply pulling the phone out of your pocket or lifting it from a table would be enough to activate your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus’ screen.

This lets you quickly check for any waiting messages and notifications, without needing to push the home button. Of course, this is not a big time saver, but it’s a bonus for you.

4. Flash on notifications

This one among our hidden iPhone 7 features is dedicated to those users who always miss important notifications. You can set the iPhone 7’s camera to constantly flash on and off until you check out your phone.

To activate the notification flash, head to the Settings menu. Now go to General, and then Accessibility. Here you can activate the LED Flash for Alerts options. But be careful, as your iPhone’s battery will drain quickly if the flash turns on and off rapidly.

5. The all-new lock screen

The lock screen has become all the more helpful for you on the new iPhone device. For instance, you can touch notifications to reveal more details, or press harder on a calendar entry for a fuller view.

This is one of the most interesting hidden iPhone 7 features, as you can now swipe left across the lock screen to immediately launch the phone camera to take photos or shoot videos without delay. Also, you can swipe right to bring up the new Today View – yet another in the list of the best hidden iPhone 7 features.

6. Shoot 4K videos

By default, your iPhone records Full HD videos at 30 FPS, however, with the all new iPhone 7, it’s possible to record a Full HD video at 60 FPS, as well as Ultra HD 4K resolution footage.

In case you want to change video settings, leave the camera app and jump into iPhone’s Settings. Then scroll down and head to Photos and Camera. From here, you can change the video resolution and speed, and also settings for Slo-mo video.

7.Fingerprint validation

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor inside the iPhone 7’s home button is really helpful for blocking unauthorized access to your device. What’s more, you can even use it to validate your iTunes, Apple Pay and App Store purchases.

Just head to your device’s Settings menu and press Touch ID and Passcode. Once you are here, you can set your preferences for Touch ID scanner.

8. See current battery percentage

Your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus has a battery indicator at the top right corner of the screen, but this provides only a rough estimation of the remaining battery.

For a more accurate view, move to device Settings and scroll down to Battery. Now tick the Battery Percentage option to permanently display battery percentage at the top of your mobile screen.

9. Turn your iPhone 7 into a working level

What if your precious iPhone 7 turns into a handy DIY tool? Yes, there’s a built-in level indicator that most of the iPhone users don’t know.

Just open up the Compass app and swipe left on the screen to reveal a level tool. Now you can easily fix your wall painting without worrying about the inclination. Surely, this one’s the most useful among all hidden iPhone 7 features

10. Change screen timeout length

It feels quite irritating when your smartphone blacks out in the middle of something important. No need to panic, as you can increase the screen timeout length by using our last trick in the hidden iPhone 7 features list.

Earlier you could access the iPhone’s timeout in the settings menu. In the iPhone 7, however, the Auto-Lock setting is now available in the Display & Brightness menu. Extend the time to get rid of early screen timeouts.

Now, grab your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and use these hidden iPhone 7 features!

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