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10 Galaxy S6 tips, tricks and hidden features

Galaxy S6 tips

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are, undoubtedly, a tremendous pair of devices. They cover the whole nine yards that every decent smartphone should. The company has certainly worked hard to add value to these devices with a plethora of features and handy shortcuts. Let’s check best 10 Galaxy S6 tips, tricks and hidden features.

10 Galaxy S6 tips, tricks and hidden features

  1. Set up your fingerprints

    S6 Fingerprint

    The new fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S6 works a lot better than that found on the earlier Samsung versions. Like before, it has been built into the Home button but comes with an improved version. No more swiping, you just need to lightly press your finger on it to have your fingerprint recognized.
    To add fingerprints: navigate to the main system settings and tap on the Lock screen and security > Fingerprints. From here, you can add up to 4 impressions by repeatedly tapping on the sensor. The whole registration process is quite simple and takes only a few minutes.

  1. Transfer your old phone’s content using Tap & Go/Smart Switch

    S6 Smart Switch Mobile

    While switching to a new device, the very first question that hits anyone’s mind is that how to transfer old phone’s content to the new device (Samsung Galaxy S6).  Here’s a detailed guide for the issue in question.
    When you first hit the Samsung Galaxy S6 home screen, you’ll be prompted to install Smart Switch. Simply install the app and follow instructions to easily transfer your content.
    Or you can do it manually as well by following the steps below:

    -> Connect your Galaxy S6 with your old device using USB connector
    -> Now, select the items you want to transfer
    -> Tap OK and enjoy using your entire old phone’s content on your new device

    Note: Samsung Smart Switch does not work with Kies!

  2. Disable in-built apps

    S6 Apps

    Samsung devices come preloaded with a wide range of apps and some of them automatically runs in the background – eat up your system memory, even if you are not using them. Follow the steps below to disable this bloatware:

    -> Go to Apps and tap Edit in the upper-right corner
    -> Select the apps you want to disable
    -> Tap uninstall or disable when prompted

    Note: If an app is in a folder then first tap the folder and select Open Folder.

  3. Enjoy 100GB of free cloud storage

    S6 Dropbox

    Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with Microsoft apps that allow you to claim 100GB of free cloud storage on One Drive for 2 years. Do set a reminder to wipe the app off before you are asked to pay after two years.
    To get started, simply launch the app, sign in by creating your account and claim for 100 GB of free space over cloud.

  4. Learn how to force restart

    S6 Force Start

    After all it’s a machine – that can freeze up and sometimes demand a restart. As Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a non-removable battery, it is not possible to pull the battery out and get your way out of this problem.
    Luckily, the device in question offers a hardware button solution to restart a non-responsive system. Simply press and hold the Power and the Volume Down button for a few seconds. Your Galaxy S6 will automatically restart.

  5. Enable battery-saving mode

    S6 Battery Saving Mode

    One of the coolest features that come embedded with Samsung Galaxy S6 is the power to enable battery-saving mode. The device has its own battery saving modes: Regular power saving and Ultra power saving.
    To enable the modes, simply go to Settings > Battery > and then toggle the Power Saving Mode button ON.

  6. Update your Galaxy for better performance

    S6 Update

    This is another useful Galaxy S6 tip that needs to be mark by every Galaxy user – keep your device always updated. An updated system always performs better and run more securely and smoothly. To do so:

    -> Simply navigate to the Settings option and tap About Device.
    -> Now hit Software Update > Update now
    -> This process will automatically check for any available updates

  7. Start with Easy Mode

    S6 Easy Mode

    If you are not familiar with Galaxy and using it for the very first time then start withEasy mode. This will not only help you get rid of visual clutter, but also let you enjoy larger text. You’ll have an opportunity to work the way that fits your needs, without being snowed under too much stuff.

    To enable the Easy Mode on your Galaxy S6:

    -> Go to Settings
    -> Select Easy Mode from the list and tap Done at the top.
    -> If you want to get back to the standard mode follow the same process and selectStandard Mode.

  8. Use wireless charging

    S6 Wireless Charging

    Galaxy S6 boasts the turbo charging function that save time, but sometimes handiness trumps speed and pushes you to use Galaxy’s wireless charging capabilities.

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 supports both PMA and WPC protocols for wireless charging. That means, any wireless charging pad or dock can work with your device. To get started, get a platter and drop your device on it. It’s certainly a great way to charge cell phones conveniently.

  9. Use gestures to silent alarms and calls

    S6 Gestures

    Another hidden feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the ability to silence alarms and calls with a gesture. Simply put your palm over your device’s screen to silence alarms or reject calls.
    To enable the feature: Go to Settings > Motion and Gestures > Mute.

Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy S6 tips and tricks!


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