Logic Studio (formerly Logic or Logic Pro) is a professional award winning application suite that lets you write, record, edit, and mix music directly on a Mac. It’s incredibly powerful and is widely credited by many mainstream artists as helping them create music, and it has also lowered the barrier of entry for musicians to produce studio quality music without the huge studio bills. Think of it as GarageBand on super steroids.

Like any other powerful application, there’s typically a learning curve to come along with it, so wouldn’t it be nice to have some free tutorials for Logic to learn to use the app?

Free Logic Tutorials

Apple offers some free Logic Studio video tutorials on their website, they are helpful but somewhat basic. Definitely worth checking out at

If you want more advanced tutorials though, head on over to Logic and Logic-Cafe, WikiAudio currently offers 115 free Logic tutorials and Logic-Cafe has tons more too. A wide variety of topics are covered, from creating fades, setting up the built in arpeggiator, grouping tracks, setting up a drum machine, creating custom templates, tempo maps, adjusting tempo, and so much more.

Grab some of the free Logic tutorials from WikiAudio or Logic-Cafe and save a few as PDF for later viewing on your Mac, or open them in iBooks on your iPhone and iPad for reading and learning on the go.

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