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Google Play store is the #1 Android market in the world. Actually, Google Play Store is the reason why Android OS is among top of the list as compared to other OS in market. You can find thousands of apps for every use and millions of Apps & Games in Google Play some of them are paid and most of them are free to download & install. Like all other applications, sometimes Google Play store also causes some errors. Many peoples had problems when they find an interesting app and want to download apps from play store, this is just annoying, specially when you install a rom (or custom ROM) and want to install your favorite apps again.
Error codes are brilliant – they temporary stop you from doing what you want whilst providing the least amount of information possible by just giving you a code or a number. Unfortunately the error messages doesn’t provide information or explain what the actually problem is and how to fix it, It will give you just an error code. But you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily solve it, Here at TricksGalaxy, I’m going to explain/share the list of all common Google Play Store errors with fixes.

Common Errors list of Google Play Store with Fixes:

Google Play Store Error 101 – Fixed

Problem: This error prevent download of application because you have many apps installed.
Fix: To fix error 101 just uninstall any useless apps or clear data of Google play store and remove google account then re-login again. Now download your apps.

Google Play Store Error 403 – Fixed

Problem: The request to download an application is forbidden i.e. download is impossible. Error 403 happens when you use two or more Google accounts on same device.
Fix: First Go to google play store with the correct google account and then Uninstall the application in question. Now install apps from google play.

Google Play Store Error 413 – Fixed

Problem: It prevent download or update apps/games from Google Play and error 413 usually comes up when you use proxy in your device
Fix: Go to Setting > Applications Manager > All Apps tab > Locate Google Play Services. Tap it and clear data and then Force Stop. Do the Same thing with Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Error 481 – Fixed

Problem: Error in your Google account.
Fix: Just remove your account and use another Google account.

Google Play Store Error 491 – Fixed

Problem: Error 491 prevent download and updates of applications.
Fix: Try removing your Google accounts by going to the Setting >> Accounts > Google and hit remove account. Now reboot your android and add the account once again and then finally go to Setting >> Applications Manager > (All apps) >> Scroll down to Google Services, click on clear data and force stop it.

Google Play Store Error 492 – Fixed

Problem: Impossible to install an apps due to the dalvik cache.
Fix: Go to Setting > Application > Clear data of both Google service and Google Play Store then force stop it. If the problem is still not solved, delete the dalvik cache. To do this, enter the custom recovery mode only if you have root. There is another solution to fix 492 which is to complete a data wipe/ factory reset. This option available to all users and can be done in recovery mode. It will wipe your data so ensure you have backed up everything which you want to keep.

Google Play Store Error 495 – Fixed

Problem: It happens while downloading apps and games from Google play store.
Fix: Go to Setting >> Applications Manager >> Tap All Apps tab >> Clear Cache and Data of both Google play store and Google services framework.
Another method if first can’t fix 405 erro. Just remove your all Gmail account and Restart your device, then Re-Add the Google account.

Google Play Store Error 498 – Fixed

Problem: It wIll interrupt the downloading from the google play store. Error 498 indicates the problem that the cache of your device is full.
Fix: Delete uncessary/unneeded applications and files. Restart your smartphone in recovery mode:
For Samsung Device – Press the volume down, power and home buttons or For Other Devices – press volume down and power. Select wipe cache partition by navigating between options with volume rocker and then confirm using the Power button.

Google Play Store Error 919 – Fixed

Problem: Downloading apps fine but does not open once downloaded. It usually happens when no more space in your android device.
Fix: Simply go to File Manager and eliminate/delete all unusable/unnecessary file – music, videos, or other large apps.

Google Play Store Error 920 – Fixed

Problem: App could not be downloaded.
Fix: (Method 1) Turn your Wi-fi off, turn your Wi-fi on again and run google play store and install or update the app.
(Method 2)- First Delete your google account, then Restart phone and then add your google account back in the settings. Or you and add a different google account directly. Now run google play store and download your favourite app.
(Method 3)- Still problem not solved? Then clear cache and clear data of google play store and from the same tab uninstall Google play store updates and then restart your phone. Now download your apps from Google Play Store

Google Play Store Error 921 – Fixed

Problem: You can’t download an app from Play Store.
Fix: Try deleting the cache and data of the google play store application. Now remove your google account, restart the device and add it again.

Google Play Store Error 923 – Fixed

Problem: Downloading becomes impossible: Error while syncing your google account or insufficient cache memory.
Fix: First remove all google account and remove any useless applications that are just taking up space. Next, reboot your device in recovery mode (See error 498). Select wipe cache partition and start your device as usual. Don’t worry, your personal data will not be deleted. Now set up your Google account again and download your apps.

Google Play Store Error 927 – Fixed

Problem: Download is impossible because an update of the play store is in progress.
Fix: Just you need to wait a few minutes until the update in google play store is finished. If the problem persists, go to Setting > Apps > swipe to all and locate the Google services. Clear data and then force stop it. Do the same with the google play store application.


So now I sure you don’t need to throw your device against the wall or in drain in frustration when you get such errors. Because in this post I explaind all common Google Play Store erros with their fixes (solutions). Which error you have faced before? and if you know any error which is not listed here then don’t forget to share in comments. Thanks and stay tuned.



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