FIFA’s brand new World Cup update has been hit by problems as players rushed to download it.

The Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC stores appeared to be having problems as the world tried to download the update as soon as it launched. That meant people had trouble buying points to spend in Fifa Ultimate Team – leaving them unable to participate in the variety of new updates to get the game ready for the real World Cup.

Some also reported issues with the game itself, finding it difficult to get into online matches.

Most of the platforms were coming back to normal, developers announced on Twitter. But PC players were still having issues with the update that hadn’t been fixed.

Players on other platforms also reported that points bought while the store was having issues appeared to disappear from their accounts.

Fifa wrote on Twitter that it apologised for the inconvenience and players should “stay tuned” for more updates.

First glimpses at the new update from players who did manage to download it show that it has been completely overhauled as part of the World Cup. Menus have been changed to include the distinctive branding of the real tournament, which starts in June.


The update brings entirely accurate teams, squads, kits, all 12 stadiums and even the match ball. It also brings changes to Fifa Ultimate Team and an accurate World Cup mode, allowing players to play through the competition as it will really be or to edit it to include different countries.


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