Now I wanna to tell you Learn you can Track Your Facebook Last Login Location with Simple Facebook Trick. As i have Discussed many Tricks about Facebook tricks under facebook trick tab and here i will tell you some Cool Facebook Trick that can Help you to Track Your Facebook Last Login Location on Your Computer.


Track Your Facebook Last Login Location

As we know,Facebook is the one of number One Social Networking Site on Internet and also a Security Concern for Many User When they Loose their Facebook Account or You can Say Hacked by anyone. So Facebook also have some Advanced Features for Tracking Last Login Location. Facebook names this Feature “Where You’re Logged In.” In This you can see the Last Accessed Time, Device Name (Also Show IP Address of Device/your compute or a mac address of your smart phone), Location and Device Type.You can also Remove your Last Accessed Time by Clicking on “End Activity”. It can Improve User Experience and become Helpful in Some of Situation when you want to see Your Last Login. Here Below is a Steps to See your Last Login Location.”


These are some steps to Track Your Facebook Last Login Location ?

  •  firstly,Login Your Facebook Account >> then go to Settings.
  •  After Go to Settings You can see the General Setting tab on right panel of Facebook, But We navigate or move to Security Tab.
  •  In Right Side of Security Tab, You can See the Option of “Where You’re Logged In” in Security Settings.
  •  Now Click on Edit and You can see Your History of Last login Locations with Device IP,Device Types such as google chrome or morzilla etc.
  •  Additionally,You can Also Delete your facebook History by Click on End Activity.


Important Notes:


I just want to tell you through my post where any place when you open your facebook account ,dont save your password always click on never when come on facebook save password popup. and dont checked Keep me logged in option when open your facebook account because it stored your password in the cookie or a cache memory in the computer temparary storage.

Above is a Simple Facebook Trick to Track your Last Login Location. It may be from you anywhere in the world.It can Show the Device Type and IP Address of the Last Login Location. User can See his Last Login History Through Following the Above Steps.If you Still have some Confusion with our Post So Please Leave a Comment below.We Reply you as Soon as Possible.


I hope you enjoyed this article.



All the tricks and tips that TNB provides only for educational purpose. If you choose to use the information in TNB to break into computer systems maliciously and without authorization, you are on your own. Neither I (TNB Admin) nor anyone else associated with TNB shall be liable. We are not responsibe for any issues that caused due to informations provided here. So, Try yourself and see the results. You are not losing anything by trying… We are humans, Mistakes are quite natural. Here on TNB also have many mistakes..


If you Still have some Confusion with our Post

So Please Leave a Comment below.We Reply you as Soon as Possible


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