GOOGLE web search has become one of the best search engines in this Century

There is so many good Features and new innovations in Google app it makes so much good and better for safe browsing .

Talk instead of type.

Let Google get things done for you. Just ask to send texts, set alarms, get directions,

Set a reminder to practice guitar every day
Use your voice to search, get assistance, and take action.
Explore Now cards and connect to your favorite apps.
“Text Taylor, ‘See you in five'”
“Wake me up at eight”
“Remind me to water the plants when I get home”
“Call Mom”
“Take me home”
“What’s this song?”
“Play music for working out”
“Where’s the closest coffee shop?”
“Show me my trip in October”
“Show me my photos from Colorado”
“How’s the weather in Paris?””What about London?”
“What’s the name of this place?”
“Write this down for me”
“Email Kim”
“What movies are playing nearby?”
“When is my next meeting?”
“Turn on my flashlight”
“Open Youtube”
“Post to Twitter, ‘Get out to the polls!'”
“Is my flight on time?”
“When will my package arrive?”
“How’s the traffic to work?”
“Show me my hotel reservations”
“Search for pizza on Eat24”
“Book a table at Foreign Cinema”
“Play Ziggy Stardust on Spotify”
“What is Erica’s number?”
“Show me apartments nearby on Zillow”
“Take a selfie”
“Show me my emails from Sergio”
“Start a run”

What you need,
before you ask.

Now card

Now card

Now card
Now card
Now card
Now card
Now card

Now cards keep you a step ahead with the
information you care about.
Now on Tap gives you instant information
about what’s on your screen.


Get more
from your search.

Get rich answers from Google while on the go. Discover cool things around you, calculate the right tip, and even translate conversations real-time.


Get Now cards
from your apps.

A lot of useful information lives inside your apps. Get helpful information right when you need it from over 100 apps, such as a Lyft home when you land at the airport, or Spotify playlists for your commute.


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