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Android market is growing more and more popular day-by-day. At present, the market is flooding with millions of Android apps and games. There are many people who wish to create their own Android apps but they often give up because they find process a bit tricky.

However, building an Android app is not so tricky. You just need to keep a few important things in mind and the 10 important steps to create your first Android app. Let’s have a look at these steps:

10 Steps to create your first Android app

1. Come up with an idea (app concept)

The very first thing you need to do is to come up with a basic idea (app concept). A basic idea is just like the foundation on which the whole app building thing is based. The app concept gives you the basic idea about what kind of app you want to create? And what will be its use for? How users will get benefit from it? How you will get benefit from it? Etc.

2. Draw basic layout

Once you’ve come up with the app concept, draw the basic layout! It’ll help you understand the concept more easily and effectively. Now you can also explain your app concept to other people. It’ll help you design the app in a cool, hassle-free and systematic manner.

3. Choose your IDE and set it up

Once you’ve come up with an app concept and have drawn the basic layout, it’s time to choose your IDE and set it up. There are lots of Android IDEs available in market. You can choose the one you find suitable. The best for beginners is Android Studio.

4. Learn basics of Java

To develop Android apps, you need to learn the versatile programming language Java. All Android apps are written in this universal programming language.

Java is the base of Android. Many classes of Android (language) are imported from Java. Java is important and you can’t escape it!  So before you proceed further, you’ve to learn the basics of Java.

5. Create or acquire images

To create an app you’ll also need images. So it’s time to create or acquire images. Either you can create them yourself, or you can acquire them from the Internet. Pay attention to copyrights!

6. Build layout

Now it’s time to build the layout you’ve drawn before. Just work on the design! Split the layout into modules! And start working. It involves the designing part.

7. Write code

If you were thinking that you can create an Android app without having to code, you’re wrong! No app can be created without coding. You’ve to learn, and to learn you’ve to code!

So get ready to implement your programming skills and write codes for the app. Good luck!

8. Implement more advanced functionality

Once you’re done with the coding part. There comes advanced functionality. This may include dynamic linking, responsiveness and some other processes.

9. Add some extra polish

Now your app is almost created, but the job doesn’t end here. Make sure your app is working well. You can also add features you find unique and impressive in other apps. Do a brief research on user demands and make sure your product meets those needs.

10. Publish your app

Once you’ve successfully created your Android app and enhanced it as per user needs. It’s time to find a publisher and get your app published.

So, now you’re familiar with all the basic steps to create your first Android app. Reading an article like this, and fantasizing about creating an app isn’t going to help. You’ve to do it practically.

So grab your laptop, follow the steps and create your first Android app!

Stay tuned for more updates on Android app creation!

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