two methods one is paid another one is for free

1.decided to just spend the $50 and get Aid4Mail. After doing some more research, it definately seems to be worth it. I wrote a review on the newest version,
Aid4Mail v1.5 Professional Review

Reason for Publishing This Review

While I am not normally in the habit of writing and publishing reviews, I recently experienced what I consider to be a very odd and unnecessary problem. This problem was very simple in nature, but I found the current solution to be time consuming. My goal in publishing this review is to educate other users with a similar problem.

My Dilemma

For about fourteen months I have been using Mozilla’s new POP3/SMTP Thunderbird mail client to receive, send, and manage my 1.3GB of email. I made the switch over to Thunderbird because of a problem that I experienced with Outlook which left me at a dead end with no solution. No one was able to solve my problem, so I just started looking for a new email client. Thunderbird attracted me because it offered a backend that was very light on system resources, a user interface that was streamlined and efficient, and it had all the features I thought I could ever need. Unfortunately, on that last point, I was wrong. After purchasing a Dell Axim X50v Pocket PC, I have quickly realized that I desperately need Outlook 2003 back in my computing experience as Thunderbird 1.0.2 does not currently support PPC syncing (contacts or mail).

This brings us to the punch line: there is currently no efficient solution (other than Aid4Mail) for moving large amounts of email from Thunderbird to Outlook or even Outlook Express. The only free solution is to slowly export one folder from Thunderbird by converting each email from mbox format to eml and then import those emails into Outlook Express while manually recreating folders one by one. This is a tediously slow process. With over 1GB of mail and approximately 6,000 folders, this solution would take literally dozens of hours of manual labor. Now this is where Aid4Mail saves the day!
The solution

In my recent quest for a faster solution, I ran across Aid4Mail. According to the developer, Aid4Mail is “a user-friendly Windows tool that helps you migrate your email messages to a different mail client, export them for viewing through Internet Explorer, MS Excel, or a database, convert them to extract or re-insert attachments, and archive them to save space or for compliance with legal requirements.” The thing I love about Aid4Mail is that it will automatically extract my email directly from my Thunderbird profile folders into a neatly packaged PST file that Outlook 2003 can easily read.

How It Works

When starting up Aid4Mail, the software will ask you which program currently holds the mail you want to work with. Aid4Mail currently supports over twenty individual mail formats, leaving a mighty good chance that it will work with any mail program you might have up your sleeve. Most important for me, Aid4Mail fully supports the Unix/Generic mbox format, which is what Thunderbird uses. After selecting Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail source, I continue to the next screen where Aid4Mail automatically finds my Thunderbird profile with all my mail intact. The following screen asks me for my target format, for which I select the MS Outlook PST file option. The target settings screen follows up with a target location (where the new PST file will reside), I quickly select my location and click next. Aid4Mail now gives me some detailed options. I ask it to preserve all message in full format and restore the previous folder structure (very important to me). Aid4Mail includes many other options that I will discuss later. The next window includes a start button, which when pressed, will begin the amazing process of converting my 1.3GB of mbox email into a neatly packaged PST file ready for Outlook’s consumption.

For the purposes of this review I used the Aid4Mail trial version which only converts the first 50 messages of each folder, so I was unable to get an accurate estimation of the amount of time it would take to convert a full 1.3GB of email. Even with doing the first 50 messages in each folder, it outputted a 350MB PST file in about five minutes, so my guess would be that 1.3GB would take twenty to twenty-five minutes. This is incredibly zippy considering that it would have taken me countless hours to do this manually, and the fact that a manual process would be prone to human error. I was also fascinated with the fact that Aid4Mail churned through my mail without crashing, stuttering, or spitting out any error messages: it just simply did the job.

Other Exciting Features

Aid4Mail served my purposes by simply taking my large amount of mail from Thunderbird into Outlook in under twenty-five minutes. However, this software package can do so much more.

Something I found exciting is that Aid4Mail can take your email and convert it into an MHT format for easy viewing in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Excel. This would be a great way to archive your email say once a year to a CD/DVD which could be quickly pulled out and viewed without the hassle of opening the email data files in an actual email client. It also creates files so that when the CD/DVD is inserted to the drive, it automatically launches the browser and archived email. This is quite popular with people in a forensic field of employment, Jody Adair, Fookes Software Support, told me.

Aid4Mail actually converts mail from some email products in better shape than it was in the original email program. It does this by fixing the known bugs and rebuilds Eudora, PocoMail, Calypso, and Courier mail back into standard MIME messages. Some other bugs are fixed in other email clients’ mailboxes as well. Many mail programs incorrectly display the status flags like Priority, Read, Replied, Attachment, etc. Aid4Mail correctly displays them in the converted mailbox index grids! Aid4Mail actually converts copies of the email. I have been assured by Fookes Software that at no time will Aid4Mail edit existing mailboxes in the many supported email programs.

Aid4Mail also includes a handy feature that will export your mail directly into a zipped file format, ready for a quick archive onto CD/DVD or server storage. My perception is that the folks over at Fookes Software did their research on saving consumers time! What a great idea for cutting out another step in archiving old email.

Version 1.5, just released, includes an option for date and text filtering. The date and text filtering options appear to be great new tools for someone wanting to archive based on strict date standards, or only archive email containing certain text. Kudos to Fookes Software for another innovative solution!

The Company Behind Aid4Mail

Oftentimes you purchase software from a large company like Microsoft without a real feel for what kind of support the company will offer you if you have questions or concerns. This is not the case at Fookes Software, based in Charmey, Switzerland. Jody Adair of Fookes Software, US Division (based in Florida), was kind enough to write me two or three lengthy emails, answering all of my questions regarding licensing, pricing options, and software features. He was even generous enough to make a long distance phone call to recap our email conversation. I was 100% thoroughly impressed with the company’s ability to answer questions and concerns before and after a purchase. Rest assured that if you purchase software from Fookes Software, you will be receiving some of the best support in the industry; no question will go unanswered.


In short: get it. Now! Aid4Mail is worth every penny of the $49.95 for the professional version (to get MS Outlook, MHT, CD, and ZIP support) because it will allow you the freedom to roam from email client to email client without the fear of “will X software client support X format in the near to distant future?” Now you don’t care, because you have Aid4Mail to convert formats for you. Plus with the creation of CDs, and using like a weekly/monthly backup system, you’ll find plenty of use for it in the future. Even if your email client has the conversion features, chances are the Aid4Mail will convert those files faster, without crashes, for an error free transition. I can’t translate into words what a feeling of freedom this brings to the management of my email files. The ability to easily and quickly archive my email into almost any imaginable format has simply put the icing on the cake.

2.found IMAPsize to work fine for free

1. Download –
2. Install
3. Open program -> Tools -> mbox2eml
4. Locate your Thunderbird files
(Typically – C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\Someweirdnumbers.default \Mail\
Files of type: All Files (*.*)
Select “Inbox”
5. Choose your directory to store the converted files
6. Click Convert
7. Drag files right into the Oulook Express Inbox window
8. Open Outlook2002/2003 and move files from Outlook Express with the easy wizard.

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