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If you want to change the wrist in which you wear Apple Watch, you can do so without having a cumbersome button experience by choosing to switch the devices orientation.

This also insures the devices screen will show properly, otherwise if you simply move the Watch from one wrist to the other, the display would be upside down. Also, you may find this helpful if you want to wear the Apple Watch on the same wrist, but simply wish to change the devices digital crown orientation as well.

How to Change Wrist & Digital Crown Orientation on Apple Watch

Changing the Apple Watch wrist orientation from left to right (or vice versa), which basically flips the Watch, takes just a moment on the device itself:

    1. Open the Settings app on the Apple Watch and go to “General
    2. Go to “Orientation” and choose “Left” or “Right”, which will offer the following changes
      • Left – the Digital Crown and power button will be on the right side of the device
      • Right – the Digital Crown and power button will be on the left side of the device, essentially flipping the Watch upside down

Change Apple Watch wrist orientation in device settings

You can also make this adjustment from the paired iPhone by opening the Watch app, going to “My Watch”, and then to General settings and finding “Watch Orientation”, the effect is the same either way.

Once you’ve adjusted the settings, raising Apple Watch will display the screen as intended proper side up:

Apple Watch clock face

Of course, you could switch the Watch to another wrist without making this change, and as long as you didn’t flip the device, it would still work the same, but obviously the two side buttons, which are necessary for screen shots, navigating certain features, and powering on the device, would be a bit more difficult to access. Thus, if you’re going change the wrist wearing the Apple Watch, do yourself a favor and adjust the settings to accommodate the change, it works much better this way.

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