Saturday, September 23, 2017

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How to Turn an Old Smartphone Into a Dash Cam for Your Car

How to Turn an Old Smartphone Into a Dash Cam for Your Car There’s no doubt that a dash cam can really come in handy in...
Android shortcuts

May’s best 5 Android shortcuts tricks

Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Android user or a novice getting started with the platform, here are 5 amazing Android shortcuts that...
Gmail Android app

How to send Yahoo and Outlook emails from your Gmail Android app

Gmail is undoubtedly the most preferred email service. While most users rely on Gmail, some prefer to use some other email providers. Keeping this...
Apple’s Night Shift

How to use Apple’s Night Shift feature in iOS 9.3

Apple has recently released one of its biggest software updates since iOS 9.0 was launched last year. With the new update, the company is...
slow motion video

How to convert slow motion video to regular speed on iOS

No doubt slow-motion videos are a source of extreme fun for iPhone or iPad videographers. They allow you to slow down the dramatic effect...